Friday, December 31, 2010

Mr. Direct

Have you ever wondered where did the five stars hotels get their ceramic sinks and faucets? Yes, I wonder about it too and hoping to come across a ware house that sells them. I always wanted to have the same thing of what I saw, and I know it will look great with everything I have. However, it is nice to know that I can find some stylish ceramic sink at Mr. Direct. They sell their sinks and faucets so low because they are stored in a warehouse and their supplier uses precise automation to make them.

My Own Soaps

I am in the mood to learn about making my own soaps. I found a website that gives a free soup recipe, and all of their ingredients are naturals and easy to pronounce. However, I wanted to make something that is organic. The oils that I wanted to use does not comes cheap. I know in the long run, my children will grow up healthy, but is it really worth the money? How long is a bar of home made soaps last? Is it cheaper to buy it from people who care about health like me, using organic oils and natural ingredients? However, in the other side of the coin, I wanted to learn how to do it, just in case I can't buy anything. DH said, "for that amount of soap oils, that better last a long time."

The One We Have

We have the same style porcelain sink in our bathroom. My husband helped out one of our friends installing a new one on their bathroom. And since the one they removed was still better than ours, my husband brought it home for us to use. You can find these porcelain sinks at Mr. Direct Sinks and Faucets. They offer same day delivery when your order is received before 2 in the afternoon Eastern Standard Time. They are also a member of Better Business Bureau if you are having doubts.

On Vaccinations

Remember the Bentonite I was talking about below? That red desert edible clay can absorb toxins from the vaccine that my 10 year old got, when DH and I didn't know any better. Yes, he got some bad vaccine (well most vaccine are bad, unless you don't know any better) because his old pediatrician force it to us. Not anymore, we are knowledgeable about all of these now.

So, we will all try this and maybe my 7 year old daughter will not be allergic to peanuts anymore. We just have to wait and see.

Easy to Install Sink

Yes, I am talking about the top mount sinks. All you have to do is turn the sink upside down on the counter, and make sure it is far away enough from the overhang. Trace the outline, then measure 3/8 of an inch towards the inside of the outline, and cut to make the hole. I think I can put a top mount sink with the right tools. What do you think? Sound easy enough.

Headaches Update

Since we distill our water, we will be buying some dirt to mix with it. This not your backyard dirt, but a very expensive bentonite clay or red desert edible clay. You should read what this clay does for our body. I wish I can make some from my backyard. We found two sites that sell them, but there are big differences in price.

One is selling it very cheap. The other one is expensive. Now, I am thinking the other is over price, because it is really good? And the other one is selling it cheap because it does not work? Five pounds on the other are for $6.00 and four pounds on the other is selling for $72.00 with free shipping. See what I mean, is the cheap one as good as the expensive ones? Ugh, can anyone teach me how to make this. Then both will not money of my family...bleh.

Here are the two sites I was comparing:

With A Matching Sink

Durable, easy to clean and the best part is it will match my counter top. I love the brown color granite sink. These kinds of sink have plenty of advantages than any regular sinks. Please check the links I provided to see another granite sinks design available. It's time to update your old sinks, don't you think? I can use a few of this, gift giving is not too late.

Happy New Year

I don't post much about any holidays these days. Why, because the more I talk about it, all these corporation made money out of me plugging it here. Yeah, I know...he he he. My friends back home are wide awake waiting for midnight to struck. Too much firecrackers making noise, I bet lots of drinking too and food. Jumping up and down, making noise with coins in their pockets and making sure they have rounded fruits on the tables. The good old superstitious, but that is a load of fun.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Online Freebies

On the budget, get some free samples deliver online or in your mail box. I used to get a nice amount of freebies, and I also share them with common interest people in one of the forums I belong at. Getting one free load detergent can add up and saves me a bundle too.

Even free beauty product samples come at your door or get a coupon for a free product. I'm not really into them as long as they are all natural, and I know they are good for my health, count me in. Especially those ingredients that I can pronounce without even trying.

Nothing is cheap nowadays and freebies come in really handy. If you like name brand product just visit the links and sign up. You will need to give them an address to get your freebies. This is nice to have when you live within the city limits. I am saying that because when I moved outside the city, these freebies are having hard time reaching my mailbox. I am not sure why, but it did. If you have a mail box in town that will work in your favor. You will get free samples without surveys. I cannot tell you how many times I get suck into filling up survey after surveys. I also notice that there are freebies for home schools. That I can really sink my teeth into. Where do I sign in?...he he he


I'm not sure what is causing my headache lately. Ever since Christmas I am having a really bad headache when I wake up in the morning. It might have something to do when inhaling cold air while sleeping, or maybe not enough salt and minerals in my diet. I do drink a lot of distilled water, and I have been craving for dried fish, which are salty.

My DD had a doctor's appointment yesterday, and we went to grocery shopping afterward. She eyed some muscles and bought a bag. Two hours after eating them, I felt a little better, even the pain in my neck subsides. I have been drinking well water since yesterday, hoping I feel better soon. I am just too achy every where. By the way, I still cook with well water. I don't use distilled water to cook. I hate feeling this way...too tired all the time.

She Bought A Wedding Dress? When Is the Wedding?

That was my husband exact words, when his sister told him that her daughter bought a wedding dress because she found a really great deal with Wedding Dresses online. We both know that she has a boyfriend, but we didn't know that she got engage. Well, actually she is not engaged yet. I can see the logic and practical thinking she did, however, her Uncle (my husband) doesn't see it the way we female do. My husband is looking at it that she bought it and have someone in mind that she will marry. And that dress is meant for that someone but no on one else. I can also see his logic there.

However, if the bride doesn't have much money, she really needs to look for a hefty discount on her wedding day. When she found the design she likes, why not. Have you browsed through Light in the box wholesale wedding dresses? I found the above image there. The dresses there are up to 70 percent off and with a free shipping. This is a really great site for those who are in the budget. Actually, my niece was talking about starting a family early. I should forward this link to her now. She will have a lot of fun looking at these stylish dresses and saving a bundle.

Well, I send it to her, and she got back to me right away on which one she likes. I was very surprised on how quickly she responded. I think she is ready. She picks one that is very simple yet looks sophisticated, there are no laces but some beads by the chest area, and it shows the shape of her body. The original price was less than $1200, but mark down to $499. She thinks the way I do. I have to wait and see what she will do. I hope she'll find the right man who wanted the same thing she does.

Fourth Grader LA Materials Came

Oh yea, we got my DS materials today. I was cleaning by the front door when the UPS man knock on our door. I was like, "what the heck," open the door and there he was. He just turned away from our door. Most of the time he walks very fast and by the time I get to the door, he was half way to his truck. I usually yell out, "THANK YOU." Our UPS man is very nice.

Ok, let's get back to my 4th grader LA curriculum. He is now again put into regular 4th grade LA. I hated the last one he was using, and I complaint enough and they decided to switch him. The regular fourth grade LA comes with Spelling, Languages Skills, and Literature.

I guess we can start reading some of the books, should I say some of the stories tonight. It will save us time reading during learning hours, which will start on Monday. I wish we still have one more week of vacation to go...bleh. I'm not ready.

I Always Wanted One

I fell in love with this kitchen sink, I found online. The cute little compartment in the middle is useful for my dish soap, scrubber, and sponge. Furthermore, it has its own drain too. When ever my husband gets to change our sink, I will definitely buy this one. It may not be the same size, but I love the style. To see more kitchen sinks design, just click the links I have here.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

On Vacation

Yes, finally my needed rest is here. However, I doubt I can get some rest with four children waiting for their presents to open. We only have 12 days off from our lessons. I think longer than that, they will have hard a time going back with our schedule.

I'm not looking forward to any force testing next year. I pay the school district for my children to go to school, however, the children are getting burden with testing so that the school can keep open. We all know where I stand with public schools.

Anyway, I will try to get enough sleep during our off from learning.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What Splendid Day!

For the first time this school year, my children work very well with me. No stress and all of them just kept on working when I say so. Well, actually a game system had a big impact on them.

DH friend gave us his old Xbox 360, because he said it wasn't working anymore. DH told him if ever it starts working in my house you can have it back. And it did. It started with no problem, but his friend doesn't want it back because he already got a new one.

He even let us borrow one game and wireless controller for it. Now, let's get back on why my children are very cooperative today. I hid the controller so that no one can play it until they are done with their list of lessons today. My first grader wanted to do everything in one sitting, which I did with him. He was finished with his list before lunch time.

The other 2 who are older followed after and both were done around 1:30pm. I am so happy. I got plenty of time to cook food for everyone. I know they will get tired of it eventually. However, I might do the same thing with their game computers. They are not allowed to play anything on it, unless they are done with their lessons.

I can't believe how fast they did five lessons today. I should have done it a long time ago...whew! Thank you my dear made this mother happy today. I'll take it as early Christmas present. Yes, I know. I don't want much for this season.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Listening to A Computer Recording

Second DS is in 4th grade this year and part of his IEP he uses the Mark 12 curriculum. There was a part where the words dictated was never been said before. I was baffled on what it was. Thank goodness DH is home for the winter and I can asked him about it.

At first DS told me it sounded like "valid." "In pingpong I asked?" It sound more like "valiad" to me. It turns out the recording was saying "VOLLEYED." DH told me "volley" like in volleyball. My question was, "why does it sound like "valiad?" He said, "well that is what you get with computerized recording." DS would have less than perfect score today if DH wasn't home...whew!

They have such a great program, if only they spend a little more time making the recording clearer, I would rate the curriculum 10, with the highest point is 10.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Mutiplying Whole Number with a Fraction

Edited: 12/1/11

I got a better explanation on how to do this now. You will also find a better example online by typing what you are looking for.

5x1/2 = make the whole number into a fraction by adding a denominator of 1. 5/1 x ½ equals 5/2 since you cannot leave an improper fraction you need to divide 5 by 2.

How many 2's in 5, the answer is 2 and 1/2. 1/2 because you get a remainder of 1, and that remainder you need to turn into a fraction. I get the denominator from the divisor.

5 ÷ 2 = 2 ½

Friday, December 3, 2010

Accented Syllables

Ha! I learned something new today. Though, I have a question on how will I know where (beginning or end) to put the accented syllables in words? I was given an example with the words "offer (awf´er)," "anger (ang´ger)," and "gather (gaTH´er)." These ones have the stress or accent at the beginning syllables. Whew, this one just flew by me...ha ha ha. I have my own accent, and figuring out where to sound out the accent in English language will take a long time. Maybe DH can teach me how, he is great when talking.

More example: Stress at the end syllables.


The end syllables should be stress longer than the beginning syllables. Ha ha ha, like I will remember them when talking.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Learning for Dummies

The Department of Education is making the children more unintelligent these days. Take for example the Math that my children are suppose to learn from. They are teaching them to think of a number that is easier to add or subtract.

For example 15 is closer to 20 and 13 is closer to 10. Now, 20+10=30, yes there will be 30 in the answer choices. Then, they will ask you to subtract 5 and 3 since the number is not actually 20 and 10.

They are putting more work to the children on how things are actually done. Just add the numbers the correct way, count up to see the difference or the sum. And always start with the bigger number with addition and start with the smaller number with subtraction to count up.

Anyway, I don't follow the direction if I know how to teach them how to add and subtract. It makes our day go faster when I teach them the old fashion way to do it.