Friday, December 31, 2010

Headaches Update

Since we distill our water, we will be buying some dirt to mix with it. This not your backyard dirt, but a very expensive bentonite clay or red desert edible clay. You should read what this clay does for our body. I wish I can make some from my backyard. We found two sites that sell them, but there are big differences in price.

One is selling it very cheap. The other one is expensive. Now, I am thinking the other is over price, because it is really good? And the other one is selling it cheap because it does not work? Five pounds on the other are for $6.00 and four pounds on the other is selling for $72.00 with free shipping. See what I mean, is the cheap one as good as the expensive ones? Ugh, can anyone teach me how to make this. Then both will not money of my family...bleh.

Here are the two sites I was comparing: