Thursday, December 2, 2010

Learning for Dummies

The Department of Education is making the children more unintelligent these days. Take for example the Math that my children are suppose to learn from. They are teaching them to think of a number that is easier to add or subtract.

For example 15 is closer to 20 and 13 is closer to 10. Now, 20+10=30, yes there will be 30 in the answer choices. Then, they will ask you to subtract 5 and 3 since the number is not actually 20 and 10.

They are putting more work to the children on how things are actually done. Just add the numbers the correct way, count up to see the difference or the sum. And always start with the bigger number with addition and start with the smaller number with subtraction to count up.

Anyway, I don't follow the direction if I know how to teach them how to add and subtract. It makes our day go faster when I teach them the old fashion way to do it.