Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Listening to A Computer Recording

Second DS is in 4th grade this year and part of his IEP he uses the Mark 12 curriculum. There was a part where the words dictated was never been said before. I was baffled on what it was. Thank goodness DH is home for the winter and I can asked him about it.

At first DS told me it sounded like "valid." "In pingpong I asked?" It sound more like "valiad" to me. It turns out the recording was saying "VOLLEYED." DH told me "volley" like in volleyball. My question was, "why does it sound like "valiad?" He said, "well that is what you get with computerized recording." DS would have less than perfect score today if DH wasn't home...whew!

They have such a great program, if only they spend a little more time making the recording clearer, I would rate the curriculum 10, with the highest point is 10.