Thursday, December 30, 2010

She Bought A Wedding Dress? When Is the Wedding?

That was my husband exact words, when his sister told him that her daughter bought a wedding dress because she found a really great deal with Wedding Dresses online. We both know that she has a boyfriend, but we didn't know that she got engage. Well, actually she is not engaged yet. I can see the logic and practical thinking she did, however, her Uncle (my husband) doesn't see it the way we female do. My husband is looking at it that she bought it and have someone in mind that she will marry. And that dress is meant for that someone but no on one else. I can also see his logic there.

However, if the bride doesn't have much money, she really needs to look for a hefty discount on her wedding day. When she found the design she likes, why not. Have you browsed through Light in the box wholesale wedding dresses? I found the above image there. The dresses there are up to 70 percent off and with a free shipping. This is a really great site for those who are in the budget. Actually, my niece was talking about starting a family early. I should forward this link to her now. She will have a lot of fun looking at these stylish dresses and saving a bundle.

Well, I send it to her, and she got back to me right away on which one she likes. I was very surprised on how quickly she responded. I think she is ready. She picks one that is very simple yet looks sophisticated, there are no laces but some beads by the chest area, and it shows the shape of her body. The original price was less than $1200, but mark down to $499. She thinks the way I do. I have to wait and see what she will do. I hope she'll find the right man who wanted the same thing she does.