Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What Splendid Day!

For the first time this school year, my children work very well with me. No stress and all of them just kept on working when I say so. Well, actually a game system had a big impact on them.

DH friend gave us his old Xbox 360, because he said it wasn't working anymore. DH told him if ever it starts working in my house you can have it back. And it did. It started with no problem, but his friend doesn't want it back because he already got a new one.

He even let us borrow one game and wireless controller for it. Now, let's get back on why my children are very cooperative today. I hid the controller so that no one can play it until they are done with their list of lessons today. My first grader wanted to do everything in one sitting, which I did with him. He was finished with his list before lunch time.

The other 2 who are older followed after and both were done around 1:30pm. I am so happy. I got plenty of time to cook food for everyone. I know they will get tired of it eventually. However, I might do the same thing with their game computers. They are not allowed to play anything on it, unless they are done with their lessons.

I can't believe how fast they did five lessons today. I should have done it a long time ago...whew! Thank you my dear made this mother happy today. I'll take it as early Christmas present. Yes, I know. I don't want much for this season.