Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Rembrandt's Lion

This was part of my 3rd grader lesson in his art class. Rembrandt's "Lion at Rest" showing a variation of only one paint. This one is done with my help because he is not very artsy, the way he put it. I drew the tiger and he paint it. And I may say that he understood the variation of tints with his painting. Rembrandt's Lion

Monday, February 22, 2010

Tints & Shades

This is what DD made when we learn about the painting of Claude Monet "Water Lilies Nympheas". The border is made with shades and tints along the center. Instead of painting the lilies, she cuts some rounded heart shape from green construction paper. And for the flower she cuts some "V" shapes from a pink paper.

Tint & ShadesI know this way far from Monet but she capture the "tints and shades" beautifully. She is in 1st grade.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cyber Schooling Updates

We are still doing great, my Kinder will be done at the end of May. My 3rd grader will be done on the first week of June, and since my 6 year old switched school, she will not get done until the beginning of July. She is one month behind in most of her lessons except for Math. We did almost one month worth of Math while waiting for her materials to come. We had the first grade math textbook since last year. Someone sent me the wrong box, and they told me that the pre-paid mailing label will be dismissed soon. However, our second year is almost over and there is no mailing label received.

I am also glad that they did not send me anything. At least one lesson will be finished on time. We still have one week of vacation coming for the spring break, and I already removed that week of vacation on everyone schedule. Hopefully, my 6 year old can catch up before the end of the year.

I'm not sure if I can do a traditional home school this coming year. They're so much hoopla with the PDE, the statutes say that I need to documents hours, I have to give them medical records, and I have to prove that I am qualified to teach my own children. What is the point of traditional home schooling if the darn government will be all over it?

I will not report my youngest son to these organizations. I will teach him on my own lessons, and what we believe. I am not reporting any hours, medical records, and what books we are using. If they want that information they'd better pay for it. Information about my family does not come free to those who is not part of this family, unless I provide it freely of course. However, that is not highly unlikely. Getting off the system is very hard, and it comes with so many consequences. Learn from mistakes and do it better next time, I always say.

While we are talking about lessons, I think DH found a cheap upright wood piano; hopefully. He is waiting for the listing individual to get back to him. I am hoping to start this music lesson before the end of this school year while we still have cash coming in. When the economy belly up we can't do this anymore.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Value for Your Money

I feel bad for my husband because all three eyeglasses that he owned, lasted him a good 5 year while our kids are little. Now that they are growing, they get into everything and nothing in our house is untouched. They are very curious on how everything is put together, and their little brain can't understand that they are not allowed to touch a certain stuff. Yes, he in the market for a new pair again. I told him to check out Zenni Optical (url above) to get some extra pair. For $8 a pair he can easily get three, one for work, one for special occasion, and one while at play.

He uses them more in the winter months because he stays home 95 percent of the time. When he is working, he hardly put it on, unless he needs to read something. He thinks when he uses it often, his eyes get worst. What I think is, his eyes are getting use to the glasses and does not function very well without them. Nevertheless, I have never worn eyeglasses in my life, and I am hoping not have not one until I have grandchildren. What can I tell you, my parents fed me well when I was little.

How can they sell eyeglasses in such low prices, you ask? Very easy, they don't have a middle man. Have you read what Eric has to say about Zenni Optical? Please type ZenniOptical and find out.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Paper Airplane

I made this early this morning. I used all the light in classroom to brighten the room but it is still look pretty dark. Anyway, all you need is a rectangular paper and just follow along to what I am doing in the video. My children loves to play with paper airplanes. I will embed a new one and change this for better quality as soon as I can.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Greedy Explorers

My 3rd grader is learning about the age of exploration in his History lesson. He learned how these explorers claimed anything by force for Spain. What a bunch of greedy people, especially the royalties. It is very clear where they got their wealth from. Robbing innocent people left and right.

Nothing really changed for hundreds of years. The blood lines are just doing the same thing right now. They may not rob people face to face, but they just go through the process of taxation's, regulations, legislation's, and so on. Isn't it great living under the rules of the royalties, only in your point of view may be? However, this planet is very corrupt. I don't really care what you think is happening right now. I am telling you that corruption, over controlling, and over anything, is happening right now. They are over the top, they are past evil, in my opinion.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Paper Hat

Again this is a part of my K activities for school. I can't even remember how many times I made one of this. I taught DD how to make it, and she already master how (she is only 6). And I have been doing this since I was little. The only way I can entertain myself at young age, the old fashion way.

This is me, by the way, making a paper hat from a regular white paper. Of course you can use bigger papers, newspapers, or Manila papers. Please excuse the humming at the background. That is my 3 year old DS singing while playing a game. You should hear him drowning his character in one of our games.

I did not say anything while making this because my accent comes out when I am nervous. And doing this on video makes me nervous. Next I will teach you how to make a sail boat and airplane. Until then...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Top EC Droppers

The Sweet Life***Pink stuff is my favorite. A fashionista wannabe because when you dressed
up neatly and appropriately it somehow add confidence to yourself. My blog title is The Sweet Life. It is a personal blog. It tackles everything that interests me. Every little thing that make life sweet. I am newbie here in blogger world.Also here in Entrecard.

Marriage and Beyond***As of this writing (Nov. 26, 2007) Rev. Jeffrey Aspacio (Jeff) is a shepherd to a five year old church in Makati, Philippines. A committed husband, father and pastor who is working towards his masteral degree in Divinity. Jennifer Legaspi Aspacio (Jennie) , the wife who juggles everything from parenthood to maintaining the house, “help meet” to her husband in the ministry and taking courses towards her masteral degree in Education. A loving wife, dedicated mother, currently a work from home mom (WAHM), a supportive daughter and sister, and a loyal friend – in that order. Both are active parents to their toddling 30 month old son, Jed Zachary, as of this date. (26 Nov. ‘07). Both are constant-works-in-progress.

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The list was taken 9:30 pm on January 31 eastern time. I wanted to thank all of you who dropped cards in my blog. Have a great week.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Groundhog Day Lessons

My DD have a live lesson today, and they cover the events tomorrow here in PA. Groundhog Day is celebrated across the country to predict (from what they call it) if we are going to have six more weeks of winter or Spring will Sprang soon. I am not against tradition but "why do they need to alter anything"? I bet you when this thing started it is not the way it is. I wanted to type the same words on her chat box but I don't want her to be labeled something that she's not. I was grinding my teeth the whole time the presenter was talking about the occasion.

I bet that the Native Americans (no, they are not Indians, that was Columbus assumed) base it when they see the groundhog out of it's burrow and scavenging for food, that means spring is here. There is no shadow to look for, no one is taking the groundhog out of the hole, and most certainly that no one can see them at the same date every year.

DH hated what this country became. His ancestor rode the boat just like everyone else, but he hated what his ancestors have done to change everything, or what they did not do to preserve it. Laws, regulations and rules are the main reason this country is turning into a communist. You may not notice it now, but we are heading there.