Monday, April 26, 2010

The Long "/o/"

It can be spelled with "o", "oe", "oa", "ow", and "o-e". However, why we don't pronounce "love" as "o-e" sound? I know everything has exceptions. This is one of those "heart words".

Here are example for "o", post, most, molt, cold, bold and so on. For the "oe" examples are toe, doe, hoe, oboe...Here are for "oa"; toast, soap, croak, throat...For the "ow"; row, snow, flow, shadow...and lastly for the "o consonant e"; home, scope, alone, phone, and more. Furthermore, there are exemption I mean exception to the rule.

What is this, politicians who are exempt on every rule and regulations that they put out there? Yes, you think that.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Free Tuition and No Loans

Please check this out. Is your son or daughter an honor students and cannot afford to send them to college? Here is your chance, follow the Harvard site and apply today at My family earn under $60,000 a year but my son is not honor students. He used to be but he rather do something else.

Check it out, I will also forward this to him just in case he still qualify. Only 1 or 2 subjects he is doing well. All we can do is try. There you go people, free tuition and no loans. Totally free. Go now.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

/ch/ Sound

Here is another sound that is spelled two ways. The two /ch/ sound can be spelled with /ch/ and /tch/, both have the same sound. Again with my 3rd grader, I have to tell him how many letters are being use in a word. An example for the 3 letters is "match" and for the 2 letters is "chop".

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

/j/ Sounds

Here are a few more sounds that drives my 3rd grader on the wall. I have to mention every time that it is a 2 letters sound /j/ or it is a 3 letters sound /j/. And do not forget the /j/ sound in gem, gym and gentle. Why did they made this very hard for those who are not very fond of spelling words?

My 1st grader is learning them now. I can't wait for my K now to learn this. I may have to smoke a puff before or after the lesson.