Sunday, December 4, 2011

Multiplying Mixed Fraction

5 ¾ x 1 ¼

First we need to turn the mixed fraction into improper fractions: 5 ¾ is 4x5+3=23
So 5 ¾ is equal to 23/4, we keep the denominator.

For the next set of mixed fraction, 1¼ is 4x1+1=5, so 1 ¼ is equal to 5/4.

Now 23x5/4x4=115/16, I multiply the numerator from the first fraction to the second numerator. Then, I also multiply the denominator by the other denominator.

Now, since my answer is an improper fraction, I need to divide 115 by 16. 115 ÷ 16 is equals to 7 3/16. That's it, we cannot simplify the fraction any longer.

Thursday, December 1, 2011


As a noun, verb, adjective, and adverb (I'm sure it can be use as any part of speech but who cares) they are all bad. RED TAPE is the best way to describe it and the government are full of it.

My children and I gave a notice to AGORA CYBER SCHOOL (a public school we use to report to PDE) that we are going on vacation the week of Thanksgiving. However, I forgot to put a name on my 5th grader on whom I want to be on vacation on his class, so I re-did his including the request (form and all). I got a reply that it was approved.

Well, my other two hasn't approved yet and I notice they didn't even read the k-mail (inside the school emails) yet. I can see when the ATTENDANCE OFFICE read it because there is check on it. I thought they are just busy and will eventually get into it. This is bad in my part because I gave them TOO MUCH credit. Never ever give them too much credit. They are BUREAUCRAT and they don't deserve it, believe me.

Vacation was done and over, we did a day worth of lessons on Monday after the Thanksgiving weekend (most are off because most parents in the north part of the country takes their children hunting, we don't), Tuesday, then Wednesday afternoon I got the BUREAUCRATIC letter given by PDE (Pennsylvania Department of Education) to the school we are using.

I was furious, they said that two of my children was un-excuse for Monday and Tuesday (Wednesday was half day, I guess it wasn't counted as school day). Each student got a k-mail for for each day so I have four total BUREAUCRAT k-mails in my inbox. I answered each and everyone (I hate sending email to one place for the same thing but since they did it to me, they will get four from me too) asking what are they talking about, that I requested it and they even sent me a FORM to fill-up and I sent it back.

Today they answered thanking me about the answer email I sent to them asking how it happened and what happened to my email with form attached. NO APOLOGY, NONE, ZILT,ZERO.

If you are not fuming like me right now, you must be BUREAUCRAT. Did you know that PUBLIC SCHOOLS ARE ILLEGAL IN THIS COUNTRY? GO READ THE CONSTITUTION IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE ME.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

So Much Deception

I was looking at the different kind of bread in my grocery store today and found one kind that has the least ingredient on most. Of course it was whole wheat and I came across a very interesting ingredient. I don't know what it was so I looked it up online(the very most source of information). Second to my mother inlaw who thinks that every organic says by FDA is good for you.

Anyway, someone comment I like the most was, "corn syrup with manner." (I hope s/he said sarcastically.) Yikes! I bought one and I told DH that we will try it. No way, that things will go straight to the garbage. However, it was on sale and I did not pay much for it.

I tried locating what my MIL suggested (she insisted that I can find it in any grocery store) but no luck. I asked if she got it from a health store and she kinda mumbled and said it is available in her grocery store. Ok, could it be that what you call a grocery store is a health store? Geezz, I cannot afford to shop there, we are not all born with the silver spoon in our mouth. I also hate it when she look down on my homemade pizza, just because I used un-bleach flour for the dough (she is against flour of any kind). Ok, when you make a pizza without a dough let me know and I will make it just for you...ugh. I hate people who tells you something is bad, but does not offer a solution.

So, if you see "CULTURED CORN SOLIDS" in the ingredient, that is the same as high fructose corn syrup...BEWARE!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Color Wheel Printables are Hard to Find

I had a hard time finding one today and by the time I found one, YDS was almost done doodling on the white paper with paint. I did not plan on having art for him today, he decided that he wanted to do one. And the last minute I have to find one. So, for those who are in the same boat, hopefully google will find this.

color wheel
Yes, I found plenty of color wheel, however, I prefer the old fashion one. I have to make one and put it up along with other color wheels my YDS will do. Actually, I should have started with primary colors and work from there. However, I rather start somewhere when I can. There will be a chance that I will not be able post any of them, something is better than nothing...I guess.

Oh yes, just click the picture above and print.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Dividing Whole Numbers to a Fraction

I will explain the procedure the way I understand it. This took a few try before I was able to comprehend the concept...:))

Ex: 27 divided 3/5 = 27/1 divided 5/3, you need to flip the fraction and make the whole number a fraction also by putting one as the denominator, because 27/27 is 1. Then you need to write it as multiplication. 27/1 x 5/3 simplify if you can. With my example you can simplify the cris-cross multiplication 27 x 3 is 27 divided 3 equals 9 (how many 3 in 27) and 3 divided 3 equals 1 (how many 3 in 3), now 5 x 1 becomes 5 divided 5 equals 1 (how many in 1 in 5). You can't do much there so the fraction is 5/1.

Now let's recap, 27/1 x 5/3 = simplify the numerator 27 to 9 and simplify the denominator 3 to 1. 27/1 x 5/3 = 9/1 x 5/1 = 45/1 or 45.

Other way:

27/1 x 5/3 = 135/3...however, you still need to find the simplest form of 135/3. You need to find out how many 3 in 135, which is 45.

I guess the second version is shorter. And this is my VERSION. So when dividing a whole number with a fraction, first you need to make the whole number to a fraction then work from there. I think....:)) and why do we need this operation exactly?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Teaching at Home is Good

Like I mention to my last post, I simply print things that we needed online (where I am able to print) anything that my Kindergarten needs for his lessons. I wish I have done it with my other children. However, better late than never, because I'm not really sure on what they are supposed to learn on certain ages.

If DH and I did not get a marriage license before getting married I will not face the problem on what they need to learn in what age. And since we already done the marriage thing, now the state is meddling on everything we do with our children. Here is a shocker for you.

And did you know we can all renounce or denounce our citizenship, we only need to write a letter saying so. Now, here is the says that to renounce your US citizenship (not American citizenship) you need to be in a foreign land to do so, not US. Guess where is not US? If you say outside of USA you are mistaken. US can be found in Washington DC and any US territories. Will the court agree to my argument, or will they tell me that US is the whole UNITED STATES OF AMERICA? The latter probably, just because that is how they work. However, if I can find a book saying the first thing I mention, my family will be free from everything. And that my reader is what we wanted. I can teach my children whatever I wanted them to learn.

No free medical, free food, taxes of any kind, no license of any kind (just stay away from the highways), can use cash everywhere because you will not allowed to get a bank account.

I miss the life back home when I was little. I don't have to worry about all of these things and my family can pretty much do what they can without hurting anyone. If I can only persuade DH to move to an island. Life will be much easier...I think...:))

Thursday, September 8, 2011

School Has Begun & Sickness

Oh yes, a great start of the year isn't it? NOT! We were off on Monday being holiday in all. We do not celebrate, however since DH was home, we spent the day with him lounging around the house. All of them are sick and

My children who are in cyber school will have to finish four live lessons a day (optional), these are more for the new families. So, I skip most of it. Then K to 2 has to complete a DORA/DOMA testing and Reading and Math testing. You all know how I hated all these nonsense, however since we are using public school for them I don't have a choice, or I can say, "I am under duress."

The students from k3 and up will only complete Scantron for Math and Reading. Which my two older children fall into that category.

Now with my kindergarten, I am teaching him myself. I get my materials online anywhere that I am able to print. I have the plans and I only have to gather the activities. He can read way past kindergarten level. DH suggested that maybe we can skip kindergarten and do 1st grade materials instead. That is tempting, but he needs to work on his writing mostly.

Yup, that's all for now, children have questions on their testing. Welcome back to learning, everyone.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Two Weeks Left

I cannot believe summer vacation is over. I hardly rested the whole time. I never woke up late or simply stay in bed all day. I know regular homeschooling are like that, no break, only a little bit slow. And yes, they finished faster too.

I have to remove the old books from my children shelve, and put the new years books. I got the boxes last week. Another clean-up for me.

DH and I went to a fabric store yesterday to look for some black fabric to cover our window this winter. We are planning on utilizing the sunshine to warm up the house to save in electric bill.

Hopefully it will work. Paying close to $600.00 in electric bill on winter months is way too much. Plus we also use propane to warm-up our bedroom downstairs. We usually does not catch-up until we get our taxes.

I will be teaching six, third, second and kinder this year. My kinder will be in all classes except when he is doing his phonics and writing. Yes, I am teaching him with my own plan. Crossing my fingers.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Plastic Sealant on Adult Teeth

Well guess what, my seven years old is schedule to get some sealant on his adult molars, since his came out not too long ago. His appointment is schedule on September, DH is waiting to talk to our hygienist friend before canceling it. We can't wait to speak to her any longer and I search the other side of this so called sealant.

From what I read, this plastic contains bisphenol-A (BPA), a known endocrine (hormone) disruptor. In Addition to BPA, dental sealants also contain ethyltoulene sufonamide, a known toxin. If you want your children to get this, don't be complaining later on about any unknown or un-explainable diseases. I will definitely canceling my son's appointment for this.

Please read on for SIDE EFFECT. BPA mimics estrogen in the body and can stunt sexual development in boys and can cause early onset of puberty for girls. BPA has also been linked to diabetes and cancer. There you go people, my children will not get anything that can alter what GOD has given them and I will not be the one to give consent to this nonsense.

I questioned everything that a dentist and doctors told me to do. Common sense. If ever my child will get any diseases that will kill them in an instant, I will try natural and easily accessible household items first. Everyone gets cavity and that is not my priority. I rather want a naturally healthy child than drug-up child anytime. Just think what their child will be like if you drug-up your children now. No, stay away from any pharmaceutical drugs. I call it drugs because thats what they are.

My other children also gotten a prescription to get a x-ray because somehow this year they hardly grew, according to my ever trusted pediatrician...NOT. He said something that they might have a dwarfism going on. OK, if I get an x-ray, can they fix it? And I know right away the answer is no. SO, why radiate my child for nothing? Other parents will just go right ahead and do it without thinking. Not us. We question, and if the prescription is only for us to know and without a good outcome, why put your child to it? Sorry I love my children, and these nonsense testing will not get them better if they really have dwarfism. What is it for, so that they can label them as way, not while we as parents are alive.

Oh, let's get back to the plastic sealant, the dental health team also mention that the plastic can leach chemicals into the child's mouth and bloodstream and can provoke allergic reaction and immune system disruption...hah! All that to protect someone teeth. I don't think they have the health of a child in their mind, they are only thinking about the health of the teeth, not the human body. Just like the fluoride.

Always research the dangers, please set aside the goods that they are selling you. Most of these preventive drugs are not good for human consumption.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Too Much Procrastination

Yup, that's me. I think DH rubbed on me way too much. I got his procrastination disease, if ever that a disease. Sound like a south park episode when Stan Marsh father was diagnose with the drinking disease...really...what a whack episode in my opinion.

Anyway, yes, I don't have enough motivation to start my kinder's lesson for math this fall. I just don't feel like doing it. I have the phonics and LA ready, but that's about it.

I think I have to focus on writing this summer than anything. He already knew the alphabets but the writing part is way behind.

Anyway, stay out of the heat everyone. Our house is keeping cool by two window air conditioners. DH cannot take the heat. Our house gets very hot and it's always cooler outside the house at the end of the day. Saving on electric bill is out of the question right now.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Poison Ivy

My hands are filled with it right now, because DH work pants had plenty of it. Picking the pants and placing it inside the washing machine or dryer did it. I got it Thursday, then we went camping on Friday. Since I didn't have much to do, when my hands itch, I had to scratch. They spread to my other hands and one of my fingers is swelling. I can't even bend it to help hold stuff that I am holding.

I could not stand it today, and I remember what I do when I get this type of itch when I was young at my parents house. I lit a candle and let it drip on the itchy part. I did it around 10am today and right now is 4:19pm and still not itching. I told DH that I should have done it yesterday when we got home from camping, before my finger got bigger.

So, when they start itching again, all I have to do is drip some hot wax on them. Even the calamine lotion did nothing for it. I also have itch spreading on my skin. If I get itchy enough, I will have to drip some hot wax on those too. Forget drugs and spending the hard earn cash. Un-itch it with hot drippings from a candle. Try it, and you will see what I am saying is true. And try it for anything that itch for a while, like plea bite, mosquito, bugs...etc.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Staying Cool

Lucky for you if you have central air during this heat wave we are having in the East Coast. We used to cool the whole house with window air-conditioners before we bought our plastic swimming pool. Electric bill was still lower back then. Now, we only cool the classroom with nine computers in it. And whenever we feel very hot, we just jump in the pool and soak for hours.

A quick tips to those who don't have either pool or window air-conditioner.
  1. Take a cool shower, don't dry yourself and sit in front of a fan.
  2. Wear a wet/not dripping bathing suit inside the house, wet regular clothes will do fine too.
  3. Take a cold shower during the hottest part of the day.
  4. Drink plenty of cold water, "note" I said water, not soda.
  5. Repeat everything until you feel comfortable.
I usually do the number one before going to bed. The fan usually cools me down and able to fall asleep. I cannot fall sleep when I am sweating and having wet skin and hair help a lot.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer Vacation

Finally my much awaited season of the year and most favorite one too. I still need to teach my 4th grader on things he did not finish during school year, making lesson plan like I mention many times, sending the books back to K12 and making sure my children cubicles is clean and organize for the next year. And making sure they are reading books.

Wow! re-reading what I wrote made me think, "Am I really on vacation," that is a lot. I like my learning years, no worry like this. Those days I only worry about if the boy I like notice me, homework is done, try to have an answer when a teacher calls me, embarrassing moments. No care in the world...aah, those are the days.

Not anymore, we must continue the cycle of life. And I am still reading PA Rules of Court, trying to memorize all of the rules I needed for a civil complaint against me. DH is very helpful telling me to calm down. That they cannot put me in jail for such complaint. Prayer and hopefully I am able to dismiss the complaint.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Four Days Left

Not like I am counting, but I wanted to rest and concentrate with the Rules of Court that I been reading since the middle of May.

My children don't have much lessons left. Except for my fourth grader who started a regular 4th grade LA in January.

My children and I are spending a lot of time outside. I will filling the pool with water by tomorrow, and that is another reason to stay outside from then on.

Lesson plan for my Kinder this fall is not written. I will probably hand write it while watching them outside when they are swimming. Since I don't usually join them in the pool, to much splashes and pulling, arguing, grabbing. I like soaking in it when I can rest.

Have great summer everyone. I know most sourthern states are done with schools already. However, my children get off earlier than the local district in my area because we don't get snow days, being home all the time in all.

What are your plans this summer?

Friday, May 27, 2011

Two Weeks Left

Yes, you heard it right. Two weeks left for this school year. Well, actually nine school days. This coming Monday is holiday and we are not force to do any school work. However, they always say, "if you wanted to catch-up or go ahead you can do so, but the hours spent is not counted." Well, why bother if the hours is not counted. I rather spend my three day weekend relaxing and spending it with the family with no learning according to the Department of Education.

Lesson plan for my kindergarten for the next school year is almost ready to be written. I have all of the basic materials. All I need are extras as for the fun part of all the lessons. I think the fun part is the most needed for this age.

He will be five years old for the next school year. That means I got three more years before the Department of Education butt in with my whole teaching at home idea, or should I say, before I report that I am teaching him at home.

I should move back to Philippines and teach them there myself. Department of Education over is not as strict as the one where I live now. It is the parents responsibility to get their children education. Unlike here, the government will take your children away if you do not comply with their regulation/policy. And more likely that the parents will end up in jail for not following the government wishes. Yup, they know better than the children parents, right? I know 70 percent will say yes, however, people like me will say NO! Leave us alone. What I do and what I teach my children is not your business!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Subtracting Fraction with Different Denominator

Note: My children are 4th grade and below.

I found out that the easiest way to do this is to multiply the two denominator. Let's say you have 1/2-1/4. Multiply 2x4 and you get 8. Re-write the fraction for 1/2 as 4/8, because there are 4/8 in 1/2, and 1/4 as 2/8, because there are 2/8 in 1/4. Then 4/8-2/8=2/8 or you can write it in simplest form as 1/4.

This is the very basic I can do so far. My 4th grader is also did some with whole numbers with different denominator, however the process is the same. The whole number doesn't change, only the fraction.

Please remember this is only the basic. Hopefully when we do the advance lesson I can still remember the basic way to do this...whew.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Lip Balm Making

This is going to be my project for the summer. Making some lip balm for my family for the winter months. I hate buying some in the store because I am more health conscious now than before.

Flavoring will be the very last thing I will add on it. I will start with coconut oil, bees wax, and/or shea butter. I am looking for lip balm tubes and lip balm jars, along with/maybe lip brush pens depending how soft my batch will turn out.

Our supply of virgin coconut oil is going fast. My sister is supposed to mail me some from my parents but I don't know when I am going to get it. Since I am not talking to her, (I don't want to hear her excuses about her life) calling her is the last option.

Maybe one of you (my readers) can provide me a site where I can buy some cheap natural ingredients. Organic is not necessary but if they are cheap I am in. I am not really into organic because the FDA is involve with organic. As long as the company can pay them for the label, yes it will be called organic.

I would love to buy it locally, but I don't know any place. The only place I'm sure to find it is at the health store. They are also FDA controlled, and I don't like it.

SO, if you know a site let me know....thank you in advance. And have a great week.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Back to Learning

Yup, first day back to learning in my household. Remember the summaries that my 4th grader needed to do over spring break...still undone. We basically enjoyed the 9 days off. I didn't even tried asking him to do it. He will be doing it this morning before he starts his lessons for today. If we can't finish his lessons listed today...too bad. It will get pushed the next day.

I just hated being asked to work on non-school days, and I am not allowed to put any hours for that day. When it comes to worst, I can opt out the stupid speech lesson altogether. Then, the school don't have to look at my son like a money bag. Yes, I am still pissed about the whole thing.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Break for Us

This will be my much awaited break to relax after all the testing and switching lesson on Language Arts for my 4th grader. We (my children and I) have 9 days off, counting this weekend and next weekend.

There will be another Aims web testing in May for my 2nd and 1st grader. I have to drive them somewhere for this too.

I got a call from the cyber school today, telling me to make a choice before we start our spring break. The choice is to put if my children is coming back, un-decided or getting out. Up until now, I haven't done anything. What they gonna do? Remove my children?

With the 5 days, 9 including weekends, my 4th grader online speech teacher wanted him to do some work in summarizing. I hate public school. I think I establish that a long time ago. They are taking the fun out of little vacation they provide...ugh!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Finding Range and Mode on a Data

Just a note: My children are in 4th grade and below.

A new lesson for my 2nd grader today. Finding the range and mode on a data set.

To find the range...find the biggest or highest number and the least or smallest number. Then subtract the least from the most and you got the range on the number data.

Example: 40, 38, 28, 10, 5
use 40 and 5....40-5 = range (35)

To find the mode...just pick the numbers that is use the most.

Example: 16, 20, 70, 16, 11, 16, 16, 11
the easy way to find it, is to put the numbers in order (for younger child)
11, 11, 16, 16, 16, 20, 70
16 is used 3 times, meaning the number 16 is the mode.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Edible Red Desert Clay, Came

With flash

Mr. UPS dropped it on my front door Wednesday noon. I did tried it that day and it does not taste like mud but it smells like mud. And don't get me started with the grainy part at the bottom of my glass. Those things lingers on my teeth until I rinse my mouth.

Without flash

I distilled my water to remove all the bad things in it. Then I add the red desert clay before drinking it. It's quite funny, removing the bad things and putting some good things. Or, removing and killing everything on my water, then I turn around and put it back in the form of clay Well, as long as my family is healthy, I will do weird things.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

We Bought the Dirt (Edible Red Desert Clay

That is how DH put it. We decided to buy the more expensive one. On one site there are many comments on how it helped them. Oh yea! I am talking about this post and this one. After much deliberation we finally decided. Like I said above one site (cheap ones) has many comments, good comments and the other has nothing. However, our friend can vouch for the expensive ones. He was buying it since forever from the same website.

They may work the same, but we won't know for sure. They may have ad budget and bloggers wrote those comments. Like I said, I don't know.

Anyway, I had another headache episode yesterday and I bug DH to finally get the bentonite clay or edible red desert clay. Its coming from Arizona via ground UPS, so I'm not sure when will it get here. I will take a picture and show everyone what it looks like, and to show all of you that we paid a hefty price for an 8 pound bag of dirt. Funny when you think about it, but our pockets are not laughing. It's very expensive to be healthy in this country...ugh!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

State Testing, Tomorrow

That is starting tomorrow. DS is supposed to bring a calculator to take the test and I can't find any old one in our house. We must stop in the store tomorrow before dropping him off.

Good thing DH is not working tomorrow. I already volunteer him to take our eldest to this none sense. All I have to worry about is waking him early enough to have breakfast and get dress. Hopefully he does not give me problem waking him up early. I may have to add a stop to fast food place at lunch to get him motivated.

I am only scared on what the school will do if he can't pass the test. The boondocks is looking very promising when they come after him. Knock on wood.

Monday, March 21, 2011

I Hate Testing

Government/state testing that is. It has nothing to do with the student but the school. The school should take the testing not the children. And should be outlaw because children pick up bad things in school. Not mention all the homework they have to do when they come home.

One of these days, my family might able to move. I will never tell the government/post office about my new address and teach my children what I want them to learn. Even the constitution said that public school is not constitutional. Who listen? No one, because parents can go to work everyday with free day care. PUBLIC SCHOOL = DAY CARE. Anyone can stay home and teach their children. I do, and please don't change that. If it's not working for you, do not ask to amend any written regulations about it.

Monday, March 7, 2011

After a Month

An update after a month of going to learn about the Torah. Same scenario on how they think that they will be saved. Why is it that they have all the answers and interpretation about the Holy book, but some how they never question that when Abraham tried to sacrifice his own son, that he is willing to do it. And the high almighty stop him because HE said, that Abraham passed with flying colors.

It does not matter who asked me to sacrifice my own children. There is no way I will follow a voice telling me to do such thing. How can you tell who is telling you to do it? How about it was the devil, and the high almighty only interfered? Can someone proved that it was really the high almighty who asked him?

There are so much parable with the Holy book, and for now, I think the best way to go is follow the golden rule along with some of the commandments. Did you know that there are 2,500 christian religion around? Why do we need so much if there is nothing wrong with the holy book? Why not just teach one way and same interpretation? The book is about the perfect one, why there are so much things there that I don't agree with? What's right is right, and the book is not perfect and not always right.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Weekend Learning

We (my family) started learning about the "Torah" last Saturday. Can you believe I have known about the Bible since I can read, and this is the very first time to learn/study about the Old Testament.

Thank you Rabbi for taking a few hours of your time every Saturday to teach us. The only thing I don't like about it, is my children cannot sit for the whole time we are doing the study. I think sitting for four hours is not for the young ones.

We learned about the meaning of with/in/among. What it signify, depending on whose book we are reading and/or what chapter. Quite interesting, I may add.

We would like to learn about the Q'uran (SP?) after this one, if someone is willing to teach us. Or even the holy of books "Hinduism," we like to know the difference. As of right now, we don't belong on any congregation/churches or temple. We don't want to belong on just one. We want to learn the every corner of the holy books.

If I have not mention the others, we already known about it, or simply does not make sense to learn about it, because it does not make sense their starting point.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Germination Day 5

The number two in this bag is really growing. One has 2 inches of growth and the other one has half an inch. The kidney beans (#1) and white bean (#3) are starting to swell up. The other two has no changes.

This is the bag my DS attach on our window. It gets a lot of sun, but still cold because the window is cold. No changes in this one either, but the water vapor inside the bag.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


This is day one of my 1st grader germination lab work.

This is the third day of the seeds. I did not take a picture of the second day, because it looked the same as the first, except for the water vapor forming inside the bags. The greenish seed is showing the first stage of germination. If the others does not start, I would think they are radiated. Not good for human consumption in my opinion.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Still Unusable

One of my husband project at home is still unusable after all this years. It's our commercial stainless steel sink that he is trying to put in our downstairs bathroom. He said he always gets stuck with the connectors, because he doesn't know how to do it. He removed the old portable one sink from there a long time ago. However, like I said, he can't seem to hook the new one in. I wish I know how to do it to help him, maybe I should watch some videos on how to put a commercial sink in your home, or he can watch it himself.

I should nag him often, maybe he will try more on putting it on or simply hire someone else to do it. However, if I nag too much, I know he will shut down and never look at it anymore. If I don't nag enough, I am pretty sure he will never finish it. I can't win with him. He always loved stainless steel sinks and with the proper encouragement, I am sure he will eventually put ours in. The question is when. I hope he is reading this.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

How Time Flies

Where did the time go? A came across my friend children website today, and I was in awe looking at their work. With the works they are doing, who need Vistaprint coupons to pay for their work. My friend did a great job raising those children. She educated them from Kindergarten to 4th year of high school at home. And there are four of them. She did it while working part time also at night. Her dedication is noble.

No more social network for me, from this day forward with that stuff. I knew there is nothing productive about it. I only use it as an outlet. I don't know how much work load she is getting right now, but from what I read she graduated Summa Cum Laude last year (May 2010) in New Jersey, and during her speech, she proposed to her boyfriend and made the news.

She is a designer and can easily design her own wedding invitations and in no need for Vistaprint free shipping code. Her mother is probably static with all the accomplishment her daughter is receiving right now. However, if she didn't have time to do all the things needed to be done for a wedding. They should at least give Vistaprint coupon codes a chance. They don't need to think about any design, all they have to do is choose which one, and put all the information needed and print. Albeit, they probably have everything lined up and all ready to go.

I haven't spoken to her in the long time. I think I should get together with her this summer. I just hope she is not busy. The last time I went to visit her, her children are entering college. Now, the twins are finished and the other two are graduating next year. How time flies!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Problem With EC Widget

Here it is, what's up with this message? I have my widget since I join the site, now it's telling me they can't find my widget. What a screwy bot they have running. Well, if they want me to change the codes, why not say so. However, I check the codes and it is still the same. EC, what are you doing?

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Day Turned Out Great

As usual, every time I sleep upstairs in the spare bedroom I wake up late in the morning. All of us are ready to do some lessons at 9:30 in the morning. That is the latest so far for us.

I ask DS to log in and check for his Scantron testing pages. He said he can't find anything, I checked and I could not find anything either. I check the weekly email from his teacher and at the very top, "Teacher in Service" today. A light click on top of my head and I remember seeing it last week, I simply forgotten.

What a relief, I don't have to catch up on time at all. An unexpected day off is very nice.

However, DH broke some more bad news about our government and now I'm not in the good mood. I don't think I live in a republic anymore. Communist is the closest to it right now...ugh!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

AIMS Testing Cancel

Yes, two of my children are supposed to go to our local library for some kind of testing. It was canceled because we got snow last night. Anyway, here we are trying to finish their lessons faster than usual because they wanted to play on the snow.

I do like it when they wanted something because we get done faster and they are very cooperative. I wish everyday I got something going on to get them done earlier...that would be nice in a perfect world...:))

Monday, January 10, 2011

Vacationing in Houston

If you are going to Houston Texas in spring, you might want to check out Houston Rodeo concert tickets. From March first to 20th they are having concerts following rodeo events. On last year lists, they have George Strait, Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana, the Jonas Brothers, Bon Jovi, Toby Keith, Maroon 5, Brooks & Dunn, Alan Jackson, Beyonce, Maze, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill and ZZ Top. This year they have Clay Walker, Trace Adkins, Sugarland, Janet Jackson, Billy Currington, Selena Gomez, Tim McGraw, Keith Urban and many more. Well, you need to follow the link to see who else are coming to this event. I really don't mind seeing Chris Daughtry with this year lists, or maybe next year.

I really enjoy his music, I like the songs Home, September and No Surprise the most. I actually feature some of his songs in my social network. Go check out the top link, maybe you can catch him on tour near your town or your own town, for that matter. I knew he has already been to Europe, maybe he will try going to Asia soon. Did you know that all the tickets for March events have no service fee and shipping charges? You heard it right, free! This is a great gift for the music lovers in your house. I don't have one yet, but they will catch on pretty soon.

Friday, January 7, 2011

More Bright Lamps for me

My problem in winter months is I don't gt enough sunlight and get the good UV in my system. Well, who wants to be outside when the temperature is below freezing, I don't, and I do supper from winter depression. What's way to get an easy the feel good effect but to buy floor lamps with UV light bulbs on them? Yes they are pricey. However, I can't stand being depressed in winter months. It's worth the money, in my opinion. I educate my children at home, and I don't have time to be downhearted. I already have plenty of daylight fluorescent light, but I heard the flickering have a bad effect too.

I can't seem to win these days. To save in electric bill, I switched to a fluorescent bulb, then there is the affect of flickering. I like all the dark part of my house to be well lit during the gloomy days with lamps. I wonder what is the effect of light-emitting diode (LED) to our health? I know they already make LED bulbs, but are they bright enough? I'd better go to my local hardware store and check this out. I can't do it today because we are having snow storm, which is making house very dark at this moment. I can really use UV lighting right now...ugh.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Order of Operations

A mathematical operation that is. DS (4th grade) did his semester assessment today in most of his lessons. We learned about the order of operation early in the school year, both of us had to review on what we covered from the beginning. So, I am putting it here for an easy access for me.
  1. Start with the numbers inside the parenthesis ()
  2. Then multiply or divide, what ever comes first from left to right
  3. Then add or subtract, what ever comes first from left to right
I know this is very easy, however, it's hard to do the operation when you forget which one to do first.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Back To Learning

Now, all we have to do is look forward to Actually spring is more reality than summer. My children not seems to mind about going back learning today. Great, I stress out too much about nothing. Ok, that's all for today. Going back to teaching my children.