Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Problem With EC Widget

Here it is, what's up with this message? I have my widget since I join the site, now it's telling me they can't find my widget. What a screwy bot they have running. Well, if they want me to change the codes, why not say so. However, I check the codes and it is still the same. EC, what are you doing?


Mizé said...

I just read a post on Entrecard Blog saying they were having technical problems with the widget scanner feature but it´s all fixed now.
Check EC blog for that info.
I didn´t notice the problem because I´ve been less active but today, while bloghoping, I saw this post and it caught my attention.
And yes, the people running EC...
I changed one of my blog´s url and I´ve been waiting for them to approve it..over one month now :(
Best Regards,

Nedekcir said...

Over a month! Now I ask, what they are doing?

Hopefully you get it approve soon. One month is way too long.