Friday, February 11, 2011

Still Unusable

One of my husband project at home is still unusable after all this years. It's our commercial stainless steel sink that he is trying to put in our downstairs bathroom. He said he always gets stuck with the connectors, because he doesn't know how to do it. He removed the old portable one sink from there a long time ago. However, like I said, he can't seem to hook the new one in. I wish I know how to do it to help him, maybe I should watch some videos on how to put a commercial sink in your home, or he can watch it himself.

I should nag him often, maybe he will try more on putting it on or simply hire someone else to do it. However, if I nag too much, I know he will shut down and never look at it anymore. If I don't nag enough, I am pretty sure he will never finish it. I can't win with him. He always loved stainless steel sinks and with the proper encouragement, I am sure he will eventually put ours in. The question is when. I hope he is reading this.