Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Weekend Learning

We (my family) started learning about the "Torah" last Saturday. Can you believe I have known about the Bible since I can read, and this is the very first time to learn/study about the Old Testament.

Thank you Rabbi for taking a few hours of your time every Saturday to teach us. The only thing I don't like about it, is my children cannot sit for the whole time we are doing the study. I think sitting for four hours is not for the young ones.

We learned about the meaning of with/in/among. What it signify, depending on whose book we are reading and/or what chapter. Quite interesting, I may add.

We would like to learn about the Q'uran (SP?) after this one, if someone is willing to teach us. Or even the holy of books "Hinduism," we like to know the difference. As of right now, we don't belong on any congregation/churches or temple. We don't want to belong on just one. We want to learn the every corner of the holy books.

If I have not mention the others, we already known about it, or simply does not make sense to learn about it, because it does not make sense their starting point.