Monday, March 7, 2011

After a Month

An update after a month of going to learn about the Torah. Same scenario on how they think that they will be saved. Why is it that they have all the answers and interpretation about the Holy book, but some how they never question that when Abraham tried to sacrifice his own son, that he is willing to do it. And the high almighty stop him because HE said, that Abraham passed with flying colors.

It does not matter who asked me to sacrifice my own children. There is no way I will follow a voice telling me to do such thing. How can you tell who is telling you to do it? How about it was the devil, and the high almighty only interfered? Can someone proved that it was really the high almighty who asked him?

There are so much parable with the Holy book, and for now, I think the best way to go is follow the golden rule along with some of the commandments. Did you know that there are 2,500 christian religion around? Why do we need so much if there is nothing wrong with the holy book? Why not just teach one way and same interpretation? The book is about the perfect one, why there are so much things there that I don't agree with? What's right is right, and the book is not perfect and not always right.