Friday, April 8, 2011

Edible Red Desert Clay, Came

With flash

Mr. UPS dropped it on my front door Wednesday noon. I did tried it that day and it does not taste like mud but it smells like mud. And don't get me started with the grainy part at the bottom of my glass. Those things lingers on my teeth until I rinse my mouth.

Without flash

I distilled my water to remove all the bad things in it. Then I add the red desert clay before drinking it. It's quite funny, removing the bad things and putting some good things. Or, removing and killing everything on my water, then I turn around and put it back in the form of clay Well, as long as my family is healthy, I will do weird things.


detritus said...

I am curious if you feel like this clay has worked for you. I'm debating buying it, but I've never tried clay before, and am reluctant to spend so much on something unknown.

Nedekcir said...

I bought this as health supplement (no health problem that I know off hand). My 2nd eldest has an eating (picky) problem and we thought he would drink it to get some appetite on him but no luck letting him drink it. However, as for my experienced, I'm not a coffee drinker, but had to drink coffee to stay awake all day (no naps). If I forget to drink coffee I get a headache and drinking the clay mixture eliminate that headache. If you have kidney stones, I will not advise taking it. It is minerals and could add making it bigger, IMHO.