Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Break for Us

This will be my much awaited break to relax after all the testing and switching lesson on Language Arts for my 4th grader. We (my children and I) have 9 days off, counting this weekend and next weekend.

There will be another Aims web testing in May for my 2nd and 1st grader. I have to drive them somewhere for this too.

I got a call from the cyber school today, telling me to make a choice before we start our spring break. The choice is to put if my children is coming back, un-decided or getting out. Up until now, I haven't done anything. What they gonna do? Remove my children?

With the 5 days, 9 including weekends, my 4th grader online speech teacher wanted him to do some work in summarizing. I hate public school. I think I establish that a long time ago. They are taking the fun out of little vacation they provide...ugh!