Monday, June 6, 2011

Four Days Left

Not like I am counting, but I wanted to rest and concentrate with the Rules of Court that I been reading since the middle of May.

My children don't have much lessons left. Except for my fourth grader who started a regular 4th grade LA in January.

My children and I are spending a lot of time outside. I will filling the pool with water by tomorrow, and that is another reason to stay outside from then on.

Lesson plan for my Kinder this fall is not written. I will probably hand write it while watching them outside when they are swimming. Since I don't usually join them in the pool, to much splashes and pulling, arguing, grabbing. I like soaking in it when I can rest.

Have great summer everyone. I know most sourthern states are done with schools already. However, my children get off earlier than the local district in my area because we don't get snow days, being home all the time in all.

What are your plans this summer?