Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer Vacation

Finally my much awaited season of the year and most favorite one too. I still need to teach my 4th grader on things he did not finish during school year, making lesson plan like I mention many times, sending the books back to K12 and making sure my children cubicles is clean and organize for the next year. And making sure they are reading books.

Wow! re-reading what I wrote made me think, "Am I really on vacation," that is a lot. I like my learning years, no worry like this. Those days I only worry about if the boy I like notice me, homework is done, try to have an answer when a teacher calls me, embarrassing moments. No care in the world...aah, those are the days.

Not anymore, we must continue the cycle of life. And I am still reading PA Rules of Court, trying to memorize all of the rules I needed for a civil complaint against me. DH is very helpful telling me to calm down. That they cannot put me in jail for such complaint. Prayer and hopefully I am able to dismiss the complaint.