Saturday, August 6, 2011

Plastic Sealant on Adult Teeth

Well guess what, my seven years old is schedule to get some sealant on his adult molars, since his came out not too long ago. His appointment is schedule on September, DH is waiting to talk to our hygienist friend before canceling it. We can't wait to speak to her any longer and I search the other side of this so called sealant.

From what I read, this plastic contains bisphenol-A (BPA), a known endocrine (hormone) disruptor. In Addition to BPA, dental sealants also contain ethyltoulene sufonamide, a known toxin. If you want your children to get this, don't be complaining later on about any unknown or un-explainable diseases. I will definitely canceling my son's appointment for this.

Please read on for SIDE EFFECT. BPA mimics estrogen in the body and can stunt sexual development in boys and can cause early onset of puberty for girls. BPA has also been linked to diabetes and cancer. There you go people, my children will not get anything that can alter what GOD has given them and I will not be the one to give consent to this nonsense.

I questioned everything that a dentist and doctors told me to do. Common sense. If ever my child will get any diseases that will kill them in an instant, I will try natural and easily accessible household items first. Everyone gets cavity and that is not my priority. I rather want a naturally healthy child than drug-up child anytime. Just think what their child will be like if you drug-up your children now. No, stay away from any pharmaceutical drugs. I call it drugs because thats what they are.

My other children also gotten a prescription to get a x-ray because somehow this year they hardly grew, according to my ever trusted pediatrician...NOT. He said something that they might have a dwarfism going on. OK, if I get an x-ray, can they fix it? And I know right away the answer is no. SO, why radiate my child for nothing? Other parents will just go right ahead and do it without thinking. Not us. We question, and if the prescription is only for us to know and without a good outcome, why put your child to it? Sorry I love my children, and these nonsense testing will not get them better if they really have dwarfism. What is it for, so that they can label them as way, not while we as parents are alive.

Oh, let's get back to the plastic sealant, the dental health team also mention that the plastic can leach chemicals into the child's mouth and bloodstream and can provoke allergic reaction and immune system disruption...hah! All that to protect someone teeth. I don't think they have the health of a child in their mind, they are only thinking about the health of the teeth, not the human body. Just like the fluoride.

Always research the dangers, please set aside the goods that they are selling you. Most of these preventive drugs are not good for human consumption.