Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Two Weeks Left

I cannot believe summer vacation is over. I hardly rested the whole time. I never woke up late or simply stay in bed all day. I know regular homeschooling are like that, no break, only a little bit slow. And yes, they finished faster too.

I have to remove the old books from my children shelve, and put the new years books. I got the boxes last week. Another clean-up for me.

DH and I went to a fabric store yesterday to look for some black fabric to cover our window this winter. We are planning on utilizing the sunshine to warm up the house to save in electric bill.

Hopefully it will work. Paying close to $600.00 in electric bill on winter months is way too much. Plus we also use propane to warm-up our bedroom downstairs. We usually does not catch-up until we get our taxes.

I will be teaching six, third, second and kinder this year. My kinder will be in all classes except when he is doing his phonics and writing. Yes, I am teaching him with my own plan. Crossing my fingers.