Thursday, September 8, 2011

School Has Begun & Sickness

Oh yes, a great start of the year isn't it? NOT! We were off on Monday being holiday in all. We do not celebrate, however since DH was home, we spent the day with him lounging around the house. All of them are sick and

My children who are in cyber school will have to finish four live lessons a day (optional), these are more for the new families. So, I skip most of it. Then K to 2 has to complete a DORA/DOMA testing and Reading and Math testing. You all know how I hated all these nonsense, however since we are using public school for them I don't have a choice, or I can say, "I am under duress."

The students from k3 and up will only complete Scantron for Math and Reading. Which my two older children fall into that category.

Now with my kindergarten, I am teaching him myself. I get my materials online anywhere that I am able to print. I have the plans and I only have to gather the activities. He can read way past kindergarten level. DH suggested that maybe we can skip kindergarten and do 1st grade materials instead. That is tempting, but he needs to work on his writing mostly.

Yup, that's all for now, children have questions on their testing. Welcome back to learning, everyone.