Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Teaching at Home is Good

Like I mention to my last post, I simply print things that we needed online (where I am able to print) anything that my Kindergarten needs for his lessons. I wish I have done it with my other children. However, better late than never, because I'm not really sure on what they are supposed to learn on certain ages.

If DH and I did not get a marriage license before getting married I will not face the problem on what they need to learn in what age. And since we already done the marriage thing, now the state is meddling on everything we do with our children. Here is a shocker for you.

And did you know we can all renounce or denounce our citizenship, we only need to write a letter saying so. Now, here is the says that to renounce your US citizenship (not American citizenship) you need to be in a foreign land to do so, not US. Guess where is not US? If you say outside of USA you are mistaken. US can be found in Washington DC and any US territories. Will the court agree to my argument, or will they tell me that US is the whole UNITED STATES OF AMERICA? The latter probably, just because that is how they work. However, if I can find a book saying the first thing I mention, my family will be free from everything. And that my reader is what we wanted. I can teach my children whatever I wanted them to learn.

No free medical, free food, taxes of any kind, no license of any kind (just stay away from the highways), can use cash everywhere because you will not allowed to get a bank account.

I miss the life back home when I was little. I don't have to worry about all of these things and my family can pretty much do what they can without hurting anyone. If I can only persuade DH to move to an island. Life will be much easier...I think...:))