Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Color Wheel Printables are Hard to Find

I had a hard time finding one today and by the time I found one, YDS was almost done doodling on the white paper with paint. I did not plan on having art for him today, he decided that he wanted to do one. And the last minute I have to find one. So, for those who are in the same boat, hopefully google will find this.

color wheel
Yes, I found plenty of color wheel, however, I prefer the old fashion one. I have to make one and put it up along with other color wheels my YDS will do. Actually, I should have started with primary colors and work from there. However, I rather start somewhere when I can. There will be a chance that I will not be able post any of them, something is better than nothing...I guess.

Oh yes, just click the picture above and print.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Dividing Whole Numbers to a Fraction

I will explain the procedure the way I understand it. This took a few try before I was able to comprehend the concept...:))

Ex: 27 divided 3/5 = 27/1 divided 5/3, you need to flip the fraction and make the whole number a fraction also by putting one as the denominator, because 27/27 is 1. Then you need to write it as multiplication. 27/1 x 5/3 simplify if you can. With my example you can simplify the cris-cross multiplication 27 x 3 is 27 divided 3 equals 9 (how many 3 in 27) and 3 divided 3 equals 1 (how many 3 in 3), now 5 x 1 becomes 5 divided 5 equals 1 (how many in 1 in 5). You can't do much there so the fraction is 5/1.

Now let's recap, 27/1 x 5/3 = simplify the numerator 27 to 9 and simplify the denominator 3 to 1. 27/1 x 5/3 = 9/1 x 5/1 = 45/1 or 45.

Other way:

27/1 x 5/3 = 135/3...however, you still need to find the simplest form of 135/3. You need to find out how many 3 in 135, which is 45.

I guess the second version is shorter. And this is my VERSION. So when dividing a whole number with a fraction, first you need to make the whole number to a fraction then work from there. I think....:)) and why do we need this operation exactly?