Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Color Wheel Printables are Hard to Find

I had a hard time finding one today and by the time I found one, YDS was almost done doodling on the white paper with paint. I did not plan on having art for him today, he decided that he wanted to do one. And the last minute I have to find one. So, for those who are in the same boat, hopefully google will find this.

color wheel
Yes, I found plenty of color wheel, however, I prefer the old fashion one. I have to make one and put it up along with other color wheels my YDS will do. Actually, I should have started with primary colors and work from there. However, I rather start somewhere when I can. There will be a chance that I will not be able post any of them, something is better than nothing...I guess.

Oh yes, just click the picture above and print.