Saturday, November 5, 2011

So Much Deception

I was looking at the different kind of bread in my grocery store today and found one kind that has the least ingredient on most. Of course it was whole wheat and I came across a very interesting ingredient. I don't know what it was so I looked it up online(the very most source of information). Second to my mother inlaw who thinks that every organic says by FDA is good for you.

Anyway, someone comment I like the most was, "corn syrup with manner." (I hope s/he said sarcastically.) Yikes! I bought one and I told DH that we will try it. No way, that things will go straight to the garbage. However, it was on sale and I did not pay much for it.

I tried locating what my MIL suggested (she insisted that I can find it in any grocery store) but no luck. I asked if she got it from a health store and she kinda mumbled and said it is available in her grocery store. Ok, could it be that what you call a grocery store is a health store? Geezz, I cannot afford to shop there, we are not all born with the silver spoon in our mouth. I also hate it when she look down on my homemade pizza, just because I used un-bleach flour for the dough (she is against flour of any kind). Ok, when you make a pizza without a dough let me know and I will make it just for you...ugh. I hate people who tells you something is bad, but does not offer a solution.

So, if you see "CULTURED CORN SOLIDS" in the ingredient, that is the same as high fructose corn syrup...BEWARE!!!