Sunday, December 4, 2011

Multiplying Mixed Fraction

5 ¾ x 1 ¼

First we need to turn the mixed fraction into improper fractions: 5 ¾ is 4x5+3=23
So 5 ¾ is equal to 23/4, we keep the denominator.

For the next set of mixed fraction, 1¼ is 4x1+1=5, so 1 ¼ is equal to 5/4.

Now 23x5/4x4=115/16, I multiply the numerator from the first fraction to the second numerator. Then, I also multiply the denominator by the other denominator.

Now, since my answer is an improper fraction, I need to divide 115 by 16. 115 ÷ 16 is equals to 7 3/16. That's it, we cannot simplify the fraction any longer.

Thursday, December 1, 2011


As a noun, verb, adjective, and adverb (I'm sure it can be use as any part of speech but who cares) they are all bad. RED TAPE is the best way to describe it and the government are full of it.

My children and I gave a notice to AGORA CYBER SCHOOL (a public school we use to report to PDE) that we are going on vacation the week of Thanksgiving. However, I forgot to put a name on my 5th grader on whom I want to be on vacation on his class, so I re-did his including the request (form and all). I got a reply that it was approved.

Well, my other two hasn't approved yet and I notice they didn't even read the k-mail (inside the school emails) yet. I can see when the ATTENDANCE OFFICE read it because there is check on it. I thought they are just busy and will eventually get into it. This is bad in my part because I gave them TOO MUCH credit. Never ever give them too much credit. They are BUREAUCRAT and they don't deserve it, believe me.

Vacation was done and over, we did a day worth of lessons on Monday after the Thanksgiving weekend (most are off because most parents in the north part of the country takes their children hunting, we don't), Tuesday, then Wednesday afternoon I got the BUREAUCRATIC letter given by PDE (Pennsylvania Department of Education) to the school we are using.

I was furious, they said that two of my children was un-excuse for Monday and Tuesday (Wednesday was half day, I guess it wasn't counted as school day). Each student got a k-mail for for each day so I have four total BUREAUCRAT k-mails in my inbox. I answered each and everyone (I hate sending email to one place for the same thing but since they did it to me, they will get four from me too) asking what are they talking about, that I requested it and they even sent me a FORM to fill-up and I sent it back.

Today they answered thanking me about the answer email I sent to them asking how it happened and what happened to my email with form attached. NO APOLOGY, NONE, ZILT,ZERO.

If you are not fuming like me right now, you must be BUREAUCRAT. Did you know that PUBLIC SCHOOLS ARE ILLEGAL IN THIS COUNTRY? GO READ THE CONSTITUTION IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE ME.