Sunday, December 4, 2011

Multiplying Mixed Fraction

5 ¾ x 1 ¼

First we need to turn the mixed fraction into improper fractions: 5 ¾ is 4x5+3=23
So 5 ¾ is equal to 23/4, we keep the denominator.

For the next set of mixed fraction, 1¼ is 4x1+1=5, so 1 ¼ is equal to 5/4.

Now 23x5/4x4=115/16, I multiply the numerator from the first fraction to the second numerator. Then, I also multiply the denominator by the other denominator.

Now, since my answer is an improper fraction, I need to divide 115 by 16. 115 ÷ 16 is equals to 7 3/16. That's it, we cannot simplify the fraction any longer.


Elvirah said...

This post of yours took me back to my school days when i used to struggele solving math. Those who have problems solving fractions, this is a good explanation.