Friday, May 27, 2011

Two Weeks Left

Yes, you heard it right. Two weeks left for this school year. Well, actually nine school days. This coming Monday is holiday and we are not force to do any school work. However, they always say, "if you wanted to catch-up or go ahead you can do so, but the hours spent is not counted." Well, why bother if the hours is not counted. I rather spend my three day weekend relaxing and spending it with the family with no learning according to the Department of Education.

Lesson plan for my kindergarten for the next school year is almost ready to be written. I have all of the basic materials. All I need are extras as for the fun part of all the lessons. I think the fun part is the most needed for this age.

He will be five years old for the next school year. That means I got three more years before the Department of Education butt in with my whole teaching at home idea, or should I say, before I report that I am teaching him at home.

I should move back to Philippines and teach them there myself. Department of Education over is not as strict as the one where I live now. It is the parents responsibility to get their children education. Unlike here, the government will take your children away if you do not comply with their regulation/policy. And more likely that the parents will end up in jail for not following the government wishes. Yup, they know better than the children parents, right? I know 70 percent will say yes, however, people like me will say NO! Leave us alone. What I do and what I teach my children is not your business!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Subtracting Fraction with Different Denominator

Note: My children are 4th grade and below.

I found out that the easiest way to do this is to multiply the two denominator. Let's say you have 1/2-1/4. Multiply 2x4 and you get 8. Re-write the fraction for 1/2 as 4/8, because there are 4/8 in 1/2, and 1/4 as 2/8, because there are 2/8 in 1/4. Then 4/8-2/8=2/8 or you can write it in simplest form as 1/4.

This is the very basic I can do so far. My 4th grader is also did some with whole numbers with different denominator, however the process is the same. The whole number doesn't change, only the fraction.

Please remember this is only the basic. Hopefully when we do the advance lesson I can still remember the basic way to do this...whew.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Lip Balm Making

This is going to be my project for the summer. Making some lip balm for my family for the winter months. I hate buying some in the store because I am more health conscious now than before.

Flavoring will be the very last thing I will add on it. I will start with coconut oil, bees wax, and/or shea butter. I am looking for lip balm tubes and lip balm jars, along with/maybe lip brush pens depending how soft my batch will turn out.

Our supply of virgin coconut oil is going fast. My sister is supposed to mail me some from my parents but I don't know when I am going to get it. Since I am not talking to her, (I don't want to hear her excuses about her life) calling her is the last option.

Maybe one of you (my readers) can provide me a site where I can buy some cheap natural ingredients. Organic is not necessary but if they are cheap I am in. I am not really into organic because the FDA is involve with organic. As long as the company can pay them for the label, yes it will be called organic.

I would love to buy it locally, but I don't know any place. The only place I'm sure to find it is at the health store. They are also FDA controlled, and I don't like it.

SO, if you know a site let me know....thank you in advance. And have a great week.