Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Too Much Procrastination

Yup, that's me. I think DH rubbed on me way too much. I got his procrastination disease, if ever that a disease. Sound like a south park episode when Stan Marsh father was diagnose with the drinking disease...really...what a whack episode in my opinion.

Anyway, yes, I don't have enough motivation to start my kinder's lesson for math this fall. I just don't feel like doing it. I have the phonics and LA ready, but that's about it.

I think I have to focus on writing this summer than anything. He already knew the alphabets but the writing part is way behind.

Anyway, stay out of the heat everyone. Our house is keeping cool by two window air conditioners. DH cannot take the heat. Our house gets very hot and it's always cooler outside the house at the end of the day. Saving on electric bill is out of the question right now.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Poison Ivy

My hands are filled with it right now, because DH work pants had plenty of it. Picking the pants and placing it inside the washing machine or dryer did it. I got it Thursday, then we went camping on Friday. Since I didn't have much to do, when my hands itch, I had to scratch. They spread to my other hands and one of my fingers is swelling. I can't even bend it to help hold stuff that I am holding.

I could not stand it today, and I remember what I do when I get this type of itch when I was young at my parents house. I lit a candle and let it drip on the itchy part. I did it around 10am today and right now is 4:19pm and still not itching. I told DH that I should have done it yesterday when we got home from camping, before my finger got bigger.

So, when they start itching again, all I have to do is drip some hot wax on them. Even the calamine lotion did nothing for it. I also have itch spreading on my skin. If I get itchy enough, I will have to drip some hot wax on those too. Forget drugs and spending the hard earn cash. Un-itch it with hot drippings from a candle. Try it, and you will see what I am saying is true. And try it for anything that itch for a while, like plea bite, mosquito, bugs...etc.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Staying Cool

Lucky for you if you have central air during this heat wave we are having in the East Coast. We used to cool the whole house with window air-conditioners before we bought our plastic swimming pool. Electric bill was still lower back then. Now, we only cool the classroom with nine computers in it. And whenever we feel very hot, we just jump in the pool and soak for hours.

A quick tips to those who don't have either pool or window air-conditioner.
  1. Take a cool shower, don't dry yourself and sit in front of a fan.
  2. Wear a wet/not dripping bathing suit inside the house, wet regular clothes will do fine too.
  3. Take a cold shower during the hottest part of the day.
  4. Drink plenty of cold water, "note" I said water, not soda.
  5. Repeat everything until you feel comfortable.
I usually do the number one before going to bed. The fan usually cools me down and able to fall asleep. I cannot fall sleep when I am sweating and having wet skin and hair help a lot.