Friday, February 17, 2012

Transition Started

I finally got the courage to call DH friend's mother today about the process of doing regular teaching my children at home with no help from the government/PDE/public school. Since they stop selling us raw milk, and DH friend move all over US and Europe, I didn't any contact with her.

DH kept on reminding me that she likes me, that she will not mind at all. She home schooled her children from the oldest (DH friend), to the youngest. Well, actually she still have young children.

DH and I decided that public schools are going too far, even though I teach my children at home with their free curriculum. I am sick and tired of following the school rules on how should I teach my own children. I am sick and tired of testing after testing. I am tired of due dates and jumping hoops for them. I am tired that I still need to teach my children even if I can't get out of bed and sick. I am sick and tired of non-stop emails that doesn't even concern my children. I am sick of "do this, do that," because it is PDE's regulations.

I am tired, I might straggle at the beginning but I am sure I can do it. One lesson plan for four children, and I bet we will have more time to do more hands-on lessons. I can finally teach them to cook, wash dishes and wash/fold clothes. A real life lessons. I can't wait.