Wednesday, April 4, 2012

How To Make Your Children Take Capsules or Tablets Drugs

I call it drugs because it is drugs, even though they are prescribe by a doctor. You will not find this post teaching you how to make them take it, rather a complain of ways that will never work. I even powder it and mix with anything that they will eat with no problem, but still they can't take it.

When they are little (well one of them with ear infection liquid drug) I have to be on top of them, pressing their arms against their body, holding their noses so that they have to open their mouth then use a medicine dropper and drop the liquid at their throat until I'm sure it will not come out anymore. Yes, a struggle and not a healthy way to do it. That liquid may end up at their lungs.

They are older now and I don't feel like fighting and not to mention cleaning up their vomit on the floor. I even tried doing it in the bathroom, but the toilet is easy access and they just vomit in the toilet.

With the ear infection drugs, I stopped and found and easy cure...hydrogen peroxide and they are fine with it. Nothing going down their throat. However, they an eat any junk food anytime with NO gag reflex on their throat. I hate this part of parenting.