Sunday, April 1, 2012

SIL Scare Me A Little

She does not scare me, but I am scared of her in the sense that she works for the department of education, as a person she doesn't scare me. Out of no where she commented as, "it doesn't matter what is your opinion about standardize testing, it is needed to get to college, to get a better job."

"Oh no you didn't just said that," I thought. I didn't say anything to her after that. I'm sorry, she knew where DH and I stand about it. Did she meant to say, "to get a better job that everyone hates you because of what you do, or earn a lot of money and no one will like you." Either way I do not like it.

How many shoe maker, seams person, toy maker, etc. do you know? I don't know anyone personally who can weave. Furthermore, my idea of professionals are not how many fancy frame piece of paper you have hanging on your wall to brag what you accomplish, but how may people will actually recommend you to people they know and people they will meet. Anyone can easily print it online and hang it on the wall...really!