Monday, September 3, 2012

Our Third Week @ Home Learning

I think our schedule is pretty much set by now. I am helping them with LA, LIT, Reading, and Math five days a week. Science, History, Art, & Music are simply a filler when we don't have time to sit and do the four things I mentioned first. Science is also included when we go outside in the garden and camping, along with geography.

My 2nd oldest love our setting now than last year. He gets plenty of rest in between lessons. I have not done anything about the Constitutions and man made statutes, policies, regulations, and so forth. I think I will have more time doing a plan about it in winter. I also enjoy helping my children with our own curriculum. Each child that I reported have their own portfolio to pick from when PDE ask for work samples. 

As long as they don't knock on my door, I am a happy camper.