Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Internet is Back

No, we did not beg the company to let us have it, but I think the power outage in other areas have something to do with it. I woke up my children this morning, like any other morning they go straight to their computers after using the bathroom.

My eight years old informed me right away that he has internet. Whoa! What! I did not ask the company to turn it back on. Hah! We are getting free internet today. Thank you very much cable company. We really appreciate it.

So, I let the children play this morning until the company turns it back off. Then we can start their lessons today. I already printed everything they needed to do today. Even if the power goes off for some odd reason, they can still do their work today. We don't have specific time to finish it, as long as they do it before bedtime.

Yes, I am using this free internet updating my blogs.

Friday, October 12, 2012

No More Internet

Our internet company is fed up on going overage our bandwidth usage. We are already using two cable modem with 250GB each. So, our total for a month is 500GB. What can I say, say goodbye to your 150 dollars a month from us. No lost in our part. It only means, we can use that time spent online doing productive from October 16. Yes, we only have a few days left. Yes, goodbye cyber world and hello real world...