Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Signature Receipt is Back

I felt better when I got the signature required receipt in the mail from my local school district. Now I knew that they got my affidavit to teach my children at home.

I'm also a little brave after listening to workshops about what to tell the PDE if they start knocking on my door.

DH and I have to work hard to get our social security numbers revoke, all six of us. We can lawfully do it, but we need to do it legally because we acquired them legally. This is going to be a pain in the behind.

I will also let my drivers' license expired. Meaning I will not renew it when it expired. This is my right as sovereign person who is trying to be private.

Off the grid here we come.

This will be one of my children lessons as soon as we get started. Learning and comprehending the statutes and regulations of this country. Along with the Constitution, how important is the Bill of Rights, and who are the public and private citizens of this country. Don't forget Home Economics and learning some sort of Trade.

Furthermore, a new addition is coming up in the air. Who knows when, but if my children and I are doing well on our own studies, yes it would be doable. We need to try it out first before making a big decision.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Yes! Summer Vacation

I am static that the time is finally here. I got so much things lined up and hopefully I can do all of them. First off; I need to send or drop off the affidavit to educate at home at my local school superintendent.

I already have Math (pre-algebra) book for my soon six grader. On science book, Language art/Literature combination, I'm still a little confuse. History book is expensive, the first part of History of US is fine in price, but the second part is way out there.

I hate going on vacation but still working...ugh!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Seven Days

Yes, you heard it right. Seven days and we are out of the government school system. No more due dates, no more portfolio to turn in, no more testing. Just plain old real life learning and some pre-algebra, writing, history and many science, geometry, & physics.

I will be packing and returning materials, as well as pc's and printers. After that, I have to write a letter to intent to teach my children on my own. It will be sent to my local public school. To let them know that I am taking over.

I was told that, every April, the local public school will sent me an applications for my children to take the standardize testing, but not to worry. All I have to do is send them a note telling that I don't want my children participating on any type of testing. Like I said before in my previous posts, the testing is not for the students. The testing are for the local public school teachers, going to the Department of Education. The PDE wanted to know if the teachers are teaching the children anything, and for some kind of funding for the public schools.

Since I am not a certified teacher, they cannot fire me and I don not need funding from them. They don't have any say, if I say NO to testing my children. Plus, they push the children being taught at home because they are better on taking test. And that my readers are good in the public schools resume. They are taking credit for those children that they never met and taught for promotions and funds. They are sick.