Monday, June 24, 2013

Stay Busy

My eldest son is home from college. I picked him up from Edinboro University in the middle of May. I went alone because my husband had already made plans for that weekend. My husband removed the back seat of our minivan to have more room for my son's belongings. My daughter and younger son came along with me. Actually, I only have room for two extra people. It took me twelve hours to get back to the comfort of my home. My husband joked that I can never be a truck driver, driving twelve hours in a day.

Well, this child of mine never had a job in his life that will make him sweat. From what he told me, he had a job setting by the front door of his dormitory once a week. He's been home for over a month now, and there is no sign that he is getting a job. At twenty-one years old, I already had one job and gave birth to him. I came from a third world country, and if you don't know anyone, or if you don't have a college degree and experienced, no one will hire you, not even fast food restaurant or store bagger (a person who bags your grocery) in a grocery store.

Then an issue came with his bowel movement. Just two days after being home. I am thankful that he is still covered by his step mothers' medical insurance. The doctor advised him to become active, I don't think moving from his bed to the couch, to the dining table, count as being active. Furthermore, he is too old to join summer camp to become active. He can do it on his own time if he wants. Or he can become one of summer camp counselors. I want him to get a job, as long as he gets paid minimum wages or higher.

How can I make him to get a job? A girlfriend might be a good idea. Whew! That would be a headache waiting to happen, unless, the girlfriend is able to make him want a job.

Busy in this Hot Day

I haven't finish my one cup of coffee for today and I was already outside. I followed my husband out and I started watering our herb and vegetables garden along with two Plum trees and Elderberry. I bet I'll will sleeping soundly tonight for being tired working outside. I like it when I hit the bed, I'll be sleeping within a few minutes. I also found out that I am more rested when I am able to sleep right away.

I finished our vegetable garden. Finished meaning all covered with straws and eight separated beds with trenches in between. I weeded a bit because in some part weeds are getting taller than what I am growing there and my back is achy. I have to get use to squatting again before my body accustomed to it. Every time I stand up, or bend down you can hear me moaning. hahahaha I'm not getting any younger. I do missed working on a garden in winter. Maybe if I can do this all year long my body/muscle will be fine. Time to move in the tropic. Yeah, DH will never agree to it.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Good Diction

You are ok, my mother in law answered when I asked if she can understand what I was saying. Ok? I almost said, but I dropped the conversation right there. I was going to say that you never met a Filipino who just got off an airplane. I am more advanced when it comes to enunciating words than any other English speaking newscaster in my birth country. Well, it was way back then when anyone can have a decent conversation with her. She still interferes when other people are talking however, she can never finish a thought or sentence. Even with her condition, she’s still a social butterfly.

Yesterday, my husband sent the children out to play in the pool. He instructed them to make a whirl inside the pool before leaving to get all the dirt in the middle. He continues that it's easy to vacuum the dirt in the middle. So, the children abide and all the boys asked me where their swimming shorts are. When I told our youngest one to where he can find his, their father pointed out the cylinder beach bag we have by the stairs. I said, “that is not a bucket, the one I am talking about is in the bathroom.”

He’s come back was, “you called the glass window, *mirror,* how do I know it wasn’t what you meant?” “First of all, they are not even made with the same material, mirror and glass are made from the same thing and sometimes you can see your reflection on a glass,” I answered. “Ah, what’s the difference,” he continues. I feel like I need a translation service when speaking to him. Moreover, when he is being nice, he will even finish my sentence for me. He annoys me occasionally.

Yeah! Bring the Heat On

Whoa! I can't get enough of summer. Children are on vacation (we still do odds lessons when they complain of being bored) and we can go anywhere. FIL inform me that SIL would like to take the children to Knoebels this Friday. Yes, I am included because she can't go alone with four children, plus I have a mini-van that can fit eight people snugly.

I am still waiting for the offer to the house paper works to get done. I can't write my report to the school district until I know if we are staying here or not.

DH and I went to home depot today. We are pricing cabinets that will go into the new house, more pressure assisted toilets, and sink and cabinet that will go in our house now. We don't have a sink in our half toilet, and we need to put one in there before selling our house.

It was nice walking with no one complaining that wanted to go home, or need to use the bathroom, or running around. Thanks to ODS being home and no job. We basically take advantage of the situation. And yes, it's nice to walk just the two of us.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Our School Year is Done

Actually my children had been done with 180 instructional days allowed by the Department of Education since the middle of May. I picked up my eldest son from college and when we got home I counted their completed work, and according to the dates, they are finished.

I haven't really written a letter to the school district regarding that they are finished for the school year 2012-2013. I just don't have the extra push to do so. I have until the beginning of August to send them the letter and the same time the new 2013-2014 objectives for three of them.

I have not reported my youngest yet, because according to the mankind law, they need to be 8 years of age. He still have one year to go. However, we might move also, and that is the main reason for my procrastination.

Why bother doing two things when maybe I can get away with only one time. I'm a little down because of the moving part because DH and his father cannot sit down together and finish the paper works. Everyday I asked DH if he can finish it so that all I have to do is give it to his father, but nothing. I'm stress out!