Monday, June 24, 2013

Busy in this Hot Day

I haven't finish my one cup of coffee for today and I was already outside. I followed my husband out and I started watering our herb and vegetables garden along with two Plum trees and Elderberry. I bet I'll will sleeping soundly tonight for being tired working outside. I like it when I hit the bed, I'll be sleeping within a few minutes. I also found out that I am more rested when I am able to sleep right away.

I finished our vegetable garden. Finished meaning all covered with straws and eight separated beds with trenches in between. I weeded a bit because in some part weeds are getting taller than what I am growing there and my back is achy. I have to get use to squatting again before my body accustomed to it. Every time I stand up, or bend down you can hear me moaning. hahahaha I'm not getting any younger. I do missed working on a garden in winter. Maybe if I can do this all year long my body/muscle will be fine. Time to move in the tropic. Yeah, DH will never agree to it.