Sunday, June 23, 2013

Good Diction

You are ok, my mother in law answered when I asked if she can understand what I was saying. Ok? I almost said, but I dropped the conversation right there. I was going to say that you never met a Filipino who just got off an airplane. I am more advanced when it comes to enunciating words than any other English speaking newscaster in my birth country. Well, it was way back then when anyone can have a decent conversation with her. She still interferes when other people are talking however, she can never finish a thought or sentence. Even with her condition, she’s still a social butterfly.

Yesterday, my husband sent the children out to play in the pool. He instructed them to make a whirl inside the pool before leaving to get all the dirt in the middle. He continues that it's easy to vacuum the dirt in the middle. So, the children abide and all the boys asked me where their swimming shorts are. When I told our youngest one to where he can find his, their father pointed out the cylinder beach bag we have by the stairs. I said, “that is not a bucket, the one I am talking about is in the bathroom.”

He’s come back was, “you called the glass window, *mirror,* how do I know it wasn’t what you meant?” “First of all, they are not even made with the same material, mirror and glass are made from the same thing and sometimes you can see your reflection on a glass,” I answered. “Ah, what’s the difference,” he continues. I feel like I need a translation service when speaking to him. Moreover, when he is being nice, he will even finish my sentence for me. He annoys me occasionally.