Monday, June 24, 2013

Stay Busy

My eldest son is home from college. I picked him up from Edinboro University in the middle of May. I went alone because my husband had already made plans for that weekend. My husband removed the back seat of our minivan to have more room for my son's belongings. My daughter and younger son came along with me. Actually, I only have room for two extra people. It took me twelve hours to get back to the comfort of my home. My husband joked that I can never be a truck driver, driving twelve hours in a day.

Well, this child of mine never had a job in his life that will make him sweat. From what he told me, he had a job setting by the front door of his dormitory once a week. He's been home for over a month now, and there is no sign that he is getting a job. At twenty-one years old, I already had one job and gave birth to him. I came from a third world country, and if you don't know anyone, or if you don't have a college degree and experienced, no one will hire you, not even fast food restaurant or store bagger (a person who bags your grocery) in a grocery store.

Then an issue came with his bowel movement. Just two days after being home. I am thankful that he is still covered by his step mothers' medical insurance. The doctor advised him to become active, I don't think moving from his bed to the couch, to the dining table, count as being active. Furthermore, he is too old to join summer camp to become active. He can do it on his own time if he wants. Or he can become one of summer camp counselors. I want him to get a job, as long as he gets paid minimum wages or higher.

How can I make him to get a job? A girlfriend might be a good idea. Whew! That would be a headache waiting to happen, unless, the girlfriend is able to make him want a job.