Sunday, June 23, 2013

Yeah! Bring the Heat On

Whoa! I can't get enough of summer. Children are on vacation (we still do odds lessons when they complain of being bored) and we can go anywhere. FIL inform me that SIL would like to take the children to Knoebels this Friday. Yes, I am included because she can't go alone with four children, plus I have a mini-van that can fit eight people snugly.

I am still waiting for the offer to the house paper works to get done. I can't write my report to the school district until I know if we are staying here or not.

DH and I went to home depot today. We are pricing cabinets that will go into the new house, more pressure assisted toilets, and sink and cabinet that will go in our house now. We don't have a sink in our half toilet, and we need to put one in there before selling our house.

It was nice walking with no one complaining that wanted to go home, or need to use the bathroom, or running around. Thanks to ODS being home and no job. We basically take advantage of the situation. And yes, it's nice to walk just the two of us.