Thursday, July 25, 2013

Bio-Magnetic Appointment

Have you heard of it? If not, use Mr. Google to find out. Yes, my children had been going to a Bio-magnetic doctor since last year. DD, is the middle child is done/finished going to him. And today I took my nine year old son (fourth son) for the first time. He was a very good eater when he was little and lo and behold, he doesn't even have to skip milk or process food for two weeks. I was relieved.

I also asked the doctor about the dark red spots (one is as big as a quarter, other smaller) on his foot. They appeared when his sister and him started learning how to ride a two wheeler bikes. I also remember all the bruises they gotten that month.

His next visit will be in October, Halloween I think. Then on August 8, 2013, my Junior will go back for a follow up. His been seeing the doctor since last year with his younger sister, but somehow his car sickness will not go away. He will be fine for a few car rides after the treatment, but after that few, the sickness is back again. And yes, he is very picky eater, but I will give him a credit, he does not consume junk food. That's a plus.