Thursday, August 8, 2013

Biomagnetism Therapy

This is my second child (not my second kid), and I'm happy to announce that this is the last session for him. Yes, we were in the doctors' office around eight-thirty this morning. His appointment was nine o'clock. He got less magnet on him today because the doctor did the magnet three separate times. We got into talking and he mentioned that he treated a NYC couple who wanted to have children. After two sessions (3 months apart), the third time should be six months after the second, and the wife is ten weeks pregnant.

The therapy worked with FIL back and motion sickness problem, it worked with DH hip problem (it turned out it's not his hip, he can only feel it in that area), and my second ODS (picture above) motion sickness. And guessed what, he is taller than me now by two inches. What I am saying here is, try alternative healing first before putting all the chemicals in your body. The sad part is, they do not take any type of medical insurance. We pay cash, so I don't really know how they handle people with medical insurance.

His office is located in Stockton Family Practice in Stockton NJ. You can google the office name and read more information.

This post is part of health education for my children, to show we are using alternative healing for them. While waiting for him to finish, I read the first chapter of his History book titled, "The Human Odyssey volume 1." I also asked him some questions about Earths' imaginary lines; to differentiate latitude and longitude, meridians, as well as; how many years in decade/century/millennium? He answered them all correctly after listening to me attentive. Well, actually this is not the first time we cover this lessons. He only reviewing what are coming in our History lessons this year.