Monday, August 5, 2013

Summer Movie Club

As part of summer Cinemark summer movie club, my children, their Aunt (my SIL) picked a few of their movies to watch. We saw Happy Feet and Oceans so far. I don't really take them out myself because I can't afford the popcorn and drinks in the movie theater. SIL always buy it for them.

Anyway, during the movie Oceans, all of them didn't last very long before complaining they didn't like it. Who can blame them, it's educational. However, they sat quietly and finished the whole movie. This week, they are showing Chimpanzee as part of the movie club.

It is very cheap to see the movie, but my children goes there for the popcorn as well. I guess when you pre-paid for food it will be cheaper. It is ten movie for $5, prepaid. Yes, it runs for ten weeks. And you only go there to watch your pick, it's $1. They offer a lot of discounts, like with the popcorn you get a free refill when paying for certain size.

Anyway, just jotting it down here for my children 2013-2014 education portfolio that I need to complete before June 30, 2014. So, I covered the one Body of Water/Nature for their science lesson. As for me, I can't stop thinking about those school of fish they showed in that documentary. It made me miss seafood more...ack...hehehehe