Monday, May 19, 2014

Amazon Vendors

Where is the place you can shop for cheap school books? Ebay & Amazon vendors, of course. I do not mind buying used books for cheap prices. But getting a book ordered with missing pages is a big "no" for me. Moreover, describing the book in a "very good" condition and receiving them with missing pages is a big "no."

A bunch of liars these vendors are. I can't see what is the name of the store they use on Amazon but the sellers' name is Lhillio. I bought "Exercises in English: Grammar for Life : Level H" as a filler for my soon 8th grader and 20 first pages are missing. I wrote a review but the latest review this seller have was 2011, which are all 5/5. There are no latest review for this seller and I knew why.

I am very happy with the delivery ( I will give them 5/5 on that) but missing pages, I gave them 2/5. The book is in very good condition none the less.

I also ordered K12 Algebra 1 - A Reference Guide and Problem Sets from Tonys Prices on May 7th.  Shipping estimation by Amazon (I think) was May 8 or 9. And the estimated delivery is schedule for May 14 to 30. However, until today the item is NOT mark shipped yet. I think they are waiting until the last minute to mail the darn book. I already received the student pages a week ago and my soon 8th grader already started without the problem book. I'm hoping they are lazy updating the ordered and the book might be already making its way here.

Last year I bought Classic for young readers for my 2nd grader this year, but the seller gave me the wrong grade level. They refunded my money but did not asked for the wrong book to sent back. I lost the shipping cost on that one and have extra book that I don't need.

Around this summer, I will be putting some kinder, 1st & 2nd grader book/curriculum ready for ebay. I think I will sell them by subjects. I don't want to separate the reading books that goes along with the lessons. I will probably not going the get much because they are all used, but the buyers will have to pay for the shipping.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Almost Finish

That is, almost finish with our second year of learning at home. I already gotten a few books for my 8th grader for the next school year. I only have to buy one grade level, because I re-used them all the way to my 2nd going 3rd grader.

If I can afford, I buy a few fillings added to all grade levels (3, 5, & 6 grader). I also started my year end report to be turn in before the end of June. Another affidavit to home school for all four children. Work samples, books log, year end lessons summary (portfolio). And of course, education objectives, attendance statements, immunization exemptions, pictures of their activities, and other things I think will help my children not to be questioned if they are learning proficient according to their grade level.  

I do not submit an evaluation report because it wasn't clear that it is needed. My school district wrote, "portfolio or evaluation letter." "Or" means i have a choice on what to send in, so I chose to only sent my children portfolio. Plus, in the beginning of the school year, they said they needed to take standardized test and they will let me know when and where, however they never sent me any letter when April came for such test. So, if they don't let me know I need to go anywhere, why should I ask. The less requirements the better for me and my children. Just the way I like it. Less government meddling.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

My Company

Yes, my company until my bladder feels 100 percent. I'm not using the cranberry pill right now. I am sticking to D-mannose and raw/unfiltered apple cider for now. I wanted to feel the difference first. The apple cider can be drink with a lot of liquid; 1 tablespoon per 8 ounces of water, or as a douche; 3 tablespoons per 2 quarts of water.

I will be using it as a douche for now and get my lower inside E. Coli free. I have been suffering for almost a year and I can't remember how it feels to be normal anymore. I can't wait for no pain & worry.

Monday, March 10, 2014

After a Long Search

I have been suffering from UTI since last spring (almost a year now), with unexplained reason why. I wash everyday (sometimes 2 times) and take showers every other day. I clean the toilet seats in the house when I see a speck of something on it, along with weekly house cleaning.

I've been searching online about the cure because I have it with drugs. And every time I've seen many natural cures. I tried cranberry pills, Echinacea pill and tea, & once in a while I put a drop of colloidal silver. These things only offers temporary relief.

The more I search I land on other forums talking about what it is. Now, I am pretty sure that it is and was E. coli because none of the above natural cures keep it out.

This time I started with D-Mannose. I do not have a symptom for UTI but I will not wait until I am in pain before trying these new found cure. I also bought Mannose & Botanical UT Crisis Intervention Formula. I have not tried it yet, because I just found it and I order today.

I am sick and tired of worrying about having UTI. Enough is enough. And lastly, I stopped using pantyliner to prevent this crap. I made a cloth liner. I found a pattern I start with online. Goodbye plastic non breathable liner and I use a cup during the time of the month. I cannot allow this bacteria to multiply in me anymore.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Normal Schedule/Months End

I love weekends. I can be lazy and relax or simply do things for the house, i.e. paintings and doing some electrical work since DH refuses to get a new pair of eyeglasses. And of course cook a few dish and freeze to last a week or so.

I can finally say that my schedule is back to normal. Ever since we put a bid to now house of ours, my schedule was very unplanned and goes with the flow. Sometime it doesn't even goes with the flow. I had two UTI's, which I have no idea why. Doctors are no help with the answers, and kept on telling me how to wipe myself and to drink plenty of water, it gets old very fast. I am in my forty's, I think I got this wiping issue memorize by now. But no, they will kept on reminding me about it.

My children studies are back on track too. I always turn off the internet in the morning so that they will be quick on completing their lesson for that day. As soon as they are done, their connection is back on. You should see them line-up for my help.

Tomorrow is March, I am still waiting for warmer weather to get our yard thaw. When it get here, there will be another change in my schedule. I can't wait to soak under the sun again.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Dividing Mixed Fraction

This is for two mixed fractions. I came back here today to teach my 5th grader and noticed I haven't made a post for two mixed fractions. So here it is... Make the mixed fraction to improper fraction.

4 ¾ ÷ 1 ¼ = (let's do the first mixed fraction first) 4 x 4 = 16 add 3 = 19/4
                 = (second mixed fraction) 4 x 1 = 4 add 1 = 5/4

Now that all mixed fraction are in improper fraction we can divide. Well actually we can multiply by flipping the second fraction.

19/4  ÷  5/4 = 19/4 x 4/5 = multiply both denominator and both numerator...

19 x 4 = 76 are both the numerator

4 x 5 = 20 are both the denominator

= 76/20 (this is improper fraction, so we need to divide)

= 76  ÷  20 = 3-6/20 is the answer

Friday, January 24, 2014

Family Member

Well, DH family member that is. I posted her wedding picture here a few years back under mellow yellow monday, I think. Anyway, her two daughters got married a few months apart. There was a saying from where I grew up that sharing a wedding year with your siblings is bad. And usually one must wait at least a year before tying the knot.

The youngest one got engaged out of the blue and married within a month of engagement. I do not have a problem with marrying right away but at least know the other person first at least a year. It doesn't matter if you already known that person since grade school. It is very different being together and just knowing. Well, that marriage ended last year. After their two years wedding anniversary. I think I also posted about this and DH and I bet that maybe she is pregnant, if not the marriage will not last. And yeah, there you go.

The oldest from what I gathered planned the wedding and I think asked the man to marry her instead of the other way around. Again, I do not find anything wrong with what she did. However, I guessed the man did it for lust because right now he is living with his parents and my niece is left alone in their own apartment and he comes and goes as he pleases. I told my DH, ah-ah...whether stay or be gone if I am her. And DH knew it, because he share the same feeling when it comes to relationship.

Anyway, DH and I are waiting for her to end it all because we have a better and more responsible man for her. Well, yesterday the questioned arises again because SIL was talking about it and our nephew (her son) guessed  it would be our friend that was a farmer (not anymore because he traveled around the world (16 countries) and gave up on farming because the government always bother him), mind you this young man is business oriented and very nice, very handsome and tall enough (actually taller than DH). DH asked her sister, "what is wrong with V"? I begun thinking maybe because he is not a paper pusher. I cannot understand what she likes on a man for her daughter.

Was she judging people now that she is a teacher? Mind you she married a low life, selfish man when she was 18 years old, and stayed with him until she finished her teaching degree and dropped him when he least expected and now married to a degree snob principal of IU 20 public school?

Then DH continue on telling her that no, not him, it is G that you already met here at our house not too long ago. DH dropped the conversation after that because he don't want to hear what she have to say about G. G got a a business degree and hard working. However, he might look like a little person next to her daughter because she is a tall women. Almost as tall as DH I think and G is just a little taller than DH and have the same body as DH. Not muscular but fit and no extra fat. She might also make a comment not liking the guy because he share the same belief as DH and I. That would be her problem.

I am baffled of her reaction. I hated people trying to know you with your degree and how many. I rather marry a farmer, shoe maker, carpenter, toy maker, or any one knowing any trade than a paper pusher. But then again, every person is different that is why they say....there is someone for everyone.

Only venting today.