Thursday, May 1, 2014

Almost Finish

That is, almost finish with our second year of learning at home. I already gotten a few books for my 8th grader for the next school year. I only have to buy one grade level, because I re-used them all the way to my 2nd going 3rd grader.

If I can afford, I buy a few fillings added to all grade levels (3, 5, & 6 grader). I also started my year end report to be turn in before the end of June. Another affidavit to home school for all four children. Work samples, books log, year end lessons summary (portfolio). And of course, education objectives, attendance statements, immunization exemptions, pictures of their activities, and other things I think will help my children not to be questioned if they are learning proficient according to their grade level.  

I do not submit an evaluation report because it wasn't clear that it is needed. My school district wrote, "portfolio or evaluation letter." "Or" means i have a choice on what to send in, so I chose to only sent my children portfolio. Plus, in the beginning of the school year, they said they needed to take standardized test and they will let me know when and where, however they never sent me any letter when April came for such test. So, if they don't let me know I need to go anywhere, why should I ask. The less requirements the better for me and my children. Just the way I like it. Less government meddling.