Thursday, December 3, 2015

My Very First Reading Glasses

That's right, I never have a reading glasses before. I thank my parents for feeding me right when I was growing :). Hopefully my eyes will hold for a while more. However, when I don't get enough sleep my eyes gives me problem. Actually not only my eyes but I get dizzy too. The solution is to take a nap after I remind the children not to go outside and when a stranger knock on the door to wake me up. Anyway, look what I got from Firmoo's current promotion.

Yes, that's me trying on my new specs. I ordered it on November 16 and they sent it out on November 18. My mail carrier brought it to my house on November 28. It only took twelve days for the process.  I pick this style because it goes well with the shape of my face. DH told me it looks good on me. Make sure to browse the daily new before settling on one. They have so many styles. This is very light and the temples fit perfectly. I just wished I check the frames to see if this one have hinges that can be move outward. Lack of research in my part and lesson learned.

Overall, I am very satisfied with my choice. I am always on the computer, reading, researching or helping DH look for used pianos. And my eyes can really use some help once in a blue moon. Don't forget your 15% discount. With the prices of everything going up these days, every penny helps the cost down.

Piano Search

I am pushing DH for the two weeks to find piano fro the children to play with. He goes to craigslist almost everyday to find one that is not a spam. You cannot believe how many people post something there just to collect phone numbers and emails.

One in particular stand out. Wanted to meet in a public place, what!!! with a piano! He must have a Piano lift on that truck he drove to that public place. We emailed one a week ago, but no answer until now. Poster/seller asking to call and leave a message, or text and leave a message, and they will call you when they feel like it. What kind of sales is that exactly?

Yesterday, DH finally found two that are looking real. They have a phone number and person to contact. We are waiting for the weekend to call them. He also found a piano place somewhere where he used to live in NJ. They are having a moving sale. If these two prospect for the weekend turned out to be another scam, we will take a ride down to NJ.

Hopefully we get a tuned use one before the holiday. Our children will be static.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Six Flag Season Pass

Around October DH friend mentioned to us that Six Flag Great Adventure is having a special on season passes. All you have to do is buy a one pass ticket, go to the membership area and upgrade it to season pass for the rest of 2015 and the entire 2016 season for $20.00.

Yes, DH said. For $20.00 a person why not. Hey we are a family of seven and any savings is acceptable to us. On October 31, 2015 we did just that. Our children was very happy. We (DH & I was not very happy that they take finger print now than having your picture printed on the pass card itself. We were against with the photo also before but now it got worst.) Oh well, if we don't feel safe enough we can always stop going there.

So, whom among you got the season pass so cheap? Next year, depending on how everything works, we might do the same thing. We also got the meal deal they offer. One visit for us pays for the meal already. With the prices of food they have, the best way to go is the meal pass.

If you didn't get it this year (I think they are still doing it, check at the gate. You can't find it online.), you can try next year. I bet they do it every year. Good luck.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

DD Doodles

This started when she saw me drew something while I was sick on the couch. I drew my colloidal silver bottle on the coffee table. She said, "how come I can't draw anything like it." I smiled and told her, all you need is practice. And then every time she has nothing better to do she grabs a notebook and pencil and draw.

Now her drawing looks so much better than mine. Way to go DD. I am so proud of you.

She said, "I still can't draw a person's face," example below. Keep practicing DD, you'll get it soon enough.

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Thursday, October 15, 2015

New Activity

Virtual piano that is. My children found a new online piano. I do find myself playing this too. Canon in D is my favorite. They have been using Synthesia for a while now and this virtual piano is new. I am ready to buy them a keyboard from Walmart but DH opt to get them a real one. Up until now came out nothing because all the one he liked either too old or too expensive.

I am hoping that we can finally find one before our vacation in December. The closest piano store from us is like an hour and half drive away from us. He found one a week ago, the seller can move it we only pay for the fuel. I don't know DH did not contacted the seller. It was an old baby grand piano. In tune and less used the seller said. Crossing my fingers and hopefully he finally find one that we can actually buy and move to our house.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Weekend Reflection

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Is it Summer Vacation Yet?

We don't really do summer vacation from learning. We don't do lessons when we have to go places or when I am too tired to teach them. The best part of not having a vacation is, when my children get sick, I don't have to worry about not finishing his or her lessons on time. However, we been ahead on their lessons lately.

We also spend time with their father when it's raining. DH gets bored when no one is around him, and I tell the children no lesson today. DH made sure they watch some science documentary on Netflix and do some hand on stuff in our basement. Teaching our children how to use some of his equipment that are child friendly. And they think there were no lesson...hehehe.

They can't wait to go to Long Beach Island again this summer. DH will be driving his four wheel drive truck straight to the beach this time. I am happy that I don't have to carry too many things. Everything will be in the back of the truck. Very exciting I think.

I'm not sure if we will enroll them at the local college this year. They got me so mad last year, that after three classes each, I said, "your loss," The college wants me to make my children an account online and that I should be able to pay online too. What is the point of them sitting at the registration window if they can't do the registration. I was fuming.

Maybe we can check out the ice skating at Easton this year. They already knew how to skate, they just need to learn ice skating. Plus, being summer that will make them cooler inside the ice arena. Ah, and not to mention the 1 dollar movies at Regal and Cinemark.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Crystal Trees (Weekend Reflection)

When winter arrived I can't wait for spring and summer. My family lives in the mountain and most of the time this was my everyday setting. I only amuse myself while taking pictures. Have a great three days weekend everyone. Happy Memorial day.

The picture was taken by me sometime in January 2015.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Ah Paper Works

Yup, writing the year end report for my children. They are almost done with all their grade level lessons. They only have 2 or three lessons, then the rest are all the next grade levels.

Yes, they already started on the next grade level. When they finish their grade level Math or LA, I start them right away on the next grade level Math or LA. I would like them to finish earlier when they get to High School. Plus, when we have some urgent things to do, we can easily take a day or so off learning and not worry if they are going to finish on time.

The best part is I only have to change a few things on the old reports that I mailed in. Like name, dates, & how my child did on the subjects. I have 8th grade, 6th grade, 5th grade, & 3rd grader. The oldest I have to do from scratch. With the rest, I just edit what I already have. Makes everything easier because they are using the same curriculum that the older used.

I don't like it that I have to send in a new affidavit every year. The cost of notarizing and packaging all the children works' adds up. New Jersey home school rules I liked the most. But you will caught me dead residing in New Jersey.

I hate the Educational Freedom in this country. Let the haters begins. :P

Friday, January 30, 2015


Nope, I'm still alive and kicking. Very busy with un-schooling and things around the house. My children are almost done with their grade level and will continue on the next grade level pretty soon. We still live in the same place we were last year. Actually, we marked one year last October and not even a month after we lost my FIL from heart attack with the help of his wife having dementia and being half mental.

DH is moving on. He was devastated about the whole thing. Not everyday he wanted to blame his mother, however, how can you blame a person with no logical brain functioning.

Anyway, we are doing fine. Not a day past that DH wishes that his father is still around. But he is dealing with it somehow.