Sunday, June 7, 2015

Weekend Reflection

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Is it Summer Vacation Yet?

We don't really do summer vacation from learning. We don't do lessons when we have to go places or when I am too tired to teach them. The best part of not having a vacation is, when my children get sick, I don't have to worry about not finishing his or her lessons on time. However, we been ahead on their lessons lately.

We also spend time with their father when it's raining. DH gets bored when no one is around him, and I tell the children no lesson today. DH made sure they watch some science documentary on Netflix and do some hand on stuff in our basement. Teaching our children how to use some of his equipment that are child friendly. And they think there were no lesson...hehehe.

They can't wait to go to Long Beach Island again this summer. DH will be driving his four wheel drive truck straight to the beach this time. I am happy that I don't have to carry too many things. Everything will be in the back of the truck. Very exciting I think.

I'm not sure if we will enroll them at the local college this year. They got me so mad last year, that after three classes each, I said, "your loss," The college wants me to make my children an account online and that I should be able to pay online too. What is the point of them sitting at the registration window if they can't do the registration. I was fuming.

Maybe we can check out the ice skating at Easton this year. They already knew how to skate, they just need to learn ice skating. Plus, being summer that will make them cooler inside the ice arena. Ah, and not to mention the 1 dollar movies at Regal and Cinemark.