Thursday, December 3, 2015

Piano Search

I am pushing DH for the two weeks to find piano fro the children to play with. He goes to craigslist almost everyday to find one that is not a spam. You cannot believe how many people post something there just to collect phone numbers and emails.

One in particular stand out. Wanted to meet in a public place, what!!! with a piano! He must have a Piano lift on that truck he drove to that public place. We emailed one a week ago, but no answer until now. Poster/seller asking to call and leave a message, or text and leave a message, and they will call you when they feel like it. What kind of sales is that exactly?

Yesterday, DH finally found two that are looking real. They have a phone number and person to contact. We are waiting for the weekend to call them. He also found a piano place somewhere where he used to live in NJ. They are having a moving sale. If these two prospect for the weekend turned out to be another scam, we will take a ride down to NJ.

Hopefully we get a tuned use one before the holiday. Our children will be static.