Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Ah Paper Works

Yup, writing the year end report for my children. They are almost done with all their grade level lessons. They only have 2 or three lessons, then the rest are all the next grade levels.

Yes, they already started on the next grade level. When they finish their grade level Math or LA, I start them right away on the next grade level Math or LA. I would like them to finish earlier when they get to High School. Plus, when we have some urgent things to do, we can easily take a day or so off learning and not worry if they are going to finish on time.

The best part is I only have to change a few things on the old reports that I mailed in. Like name, dates, & how my child did on the subjects. I have 8th grade, 6th grade, 5th grade, & 3rd grader. The oldest I have to do from scratch. With the rest, I just edit what I already have. Makes everything easier because they are using the same curriculum that the older used.

I don't like it that I have to send in a new affidavit every year. The cost of notarizing and packaging all the children works' adds up. New Jersey home school rules I liked the most. But you will caught me dead residing in New Jersey.

I hate the Educational Freedom in this country. Let the haters begins. :P