Saturday, September 24, 2016

Fall is Here

2013 was a good year on my walking routine. I started around July and slowly stopped until it got very cold outside. 2014 came spring and I was at it again. The grass started growing on my walking path, well the whole yard started growing and DH didn't have any time to mow it. The gnats got really bad and my urge to continue disappeared. He would mowed it on and off and the gnats bugs me so much I simply do not feel like walking while these gnats hover over my head and attacking my eyes, nose, ears, and mouth. Then, I only do it when it's windy outside. I hardly walked for the rest of 2014. My average was probably once a month. 2015 is the same.

I am only motivated when it was windy or colder outside. And below pictures is this year. May during one of the nice day, with no gnats and hot. I was 120 lbs. I know because I just saw a doctor a month before. The second picture is right now. Weighing the same, of course you can't see my stomach from the first picture.

 In 2013 I lost 5 lbs walking (going downhill)/jogging (going uphill) for 1 mile most of the summer (I make an oval shape path on my yard). Not to mentioned push ups, squats, sit-ups, etc. I probably spent one hour and a half walking/jogging and the activities I mentioned. And most of all, I eat what I want. I weighed 115 then. That 15 lbs turned into 20 and I don't like it. Considering I only gained 5 lbs for 3 years, still unflattering. I think all that 20 lbs are sitting in my belly. I always have double chin, even when I weigh 100 lbs. Would you believe I started in the 90s? Got married, working, having children gave me 20 plus pounds to get rid off.

Well, here is to another start. Let's see where this will end and how much more I will gain if I fall off the wagon again.